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A Minor Oversight

I have had a face my whole entire life
That fairly enchanted, my body swift and lithe
Eyes like a cat, lips like pillows plush
And with every next glance of an old man’s greedful touch

The Sixth Sense In Your Pants

My eyes gaze upon you
Memorize every dip and angle
Know it all and say now forever
Deborah's seen your face

An Elf On My Shelf

Small little feet little buns little hands,
The delicate bones that form a true baby grand,
Flecks of light that bounce from his boyish silken crown,
Of fine hazelnut hairs tousled all around.

Branded Bridal Blues

The lives of our times, these days anymore aren’t so much ours, their yours and then their kinda mine,
The riddles in our rhymes, aren’t so much sung for each other anymore, in fact, not most times
The lilt in our voices, have gone flat from too many untaken back swipes and further disrespectful choices
The grins we used to swap, are mostly drowned out by angered, juvenile and know it better than you voices.

A Mad Mad Mothers Mistake

Left left not right she's left
Took off in a flurry with vodka on her breath
Stepped on the gas, went south like it was her last step
And it was, for nightly there ever after she's softly wept

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