Boy And His Stomach Poem by Edgar Albert Guest

Boy And His Stomach

What's the matter with you- ain't I always been your friend?
Ain't I been a pardner to you? All my pennies don't I spend
In gettin' nice things for you? Don't I give you lots of cake?
Say, stummick, what's the matter, that you had to go an' ache?

Why, I loaded you with good things yesterday, I gave you more
Potatoes, squash an' turkey than you'd ever had before.
I gave you nuts an' candy, pumpkin pie an' chocolate cake,
An' las' night when I got to bed you had to go an' ache.

Say, what's the matter with you- ain't you satisfied at all?
I gave you all you wanted, you was hard jes' like a ball,
An' you couldn't hold another bit of puddin', yet las' night
You ached mos' awful, stummick; that ain't treatin' me jes' right.

I've been a friend to you, I have, why ain't you a friend o' mine?
They gave me castor oil last night because you made me whine.
I'm awful sick this mornin' an' I'm feelin' mighty blue,
'Cause you don't appreciate the things I do for you.

Peggy 30 November 2017


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Laura 11 December 2017

bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

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Peppi 13 February 2018

Dis is soooooo boring??

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SHARON 13 January 2021

boring but good poem

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kunal 11 January 2021

not good

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Rimsha Khan 21 February 2019


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hindley girt 05 February 2019

this is my poem for my speech meet at school

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allison 23 February 2018

this my poem for speech meet! ! ! ! !

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Edgar Albert Guest

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