Eddie Henderson

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Eddie Henderson
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Monday, March 30, 2009

Breaking Down Your Pedestal

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I woke up this morning with a pix axe and a few sticks of dynamite in my hands
Today is the day I break down the pedestal I’ve crafted so carefully for you all of these years
Similar to a modern day Taj Mahal, this marvel I erected in my mind was seemingly indestructible
It featured the finest marble and granite reinforced at the core with adamantium
Like Wolverine’s claws…Unbreakable
Fruit and grape vines ran up the sides with nectar that I assumed would be as sweet as her kiss
I never knew…she was up too high to experience this
I built it so high that God himself could gaze at his creation, my lady, my special way of thanking him
Oh, how prideful was I

She was like my queen to be
But instead of rose pedals, I laid down paper laced with poetry and hand written letters at her feet
And indeed she walked over them on her way up
There were several signs that it was time for this abomination to come down
However, I turned a deaf ear to every sound
Still waiting for an invitation to join her atop my creation
But that day never came

So I’m standing here with my pix axe and dynamite
Wide frame, shoulders square, ready to bring the pain
With all the strength I muster, I swing like John Henry for what seems like hours
Not even a dent…spent
I say to myself…alright, time for the dynamite
I load up the TNT like Wiley Coyote then retreat to a safe distance out of sight
Flipping the switch triggering a blast almost atomic

The smoke clears…and I’m getting sick...this monument is still not demolished
After thinking a moment, I disregard my previous tools and plans
To bring this down, I would have to use my bare hands
Summoning the strength of Sampson when he destroyed the temple of the Philistines
I Pushed
Muscles rippling, body aching, veins straining

Proud of what I had done, I saw my muse for who she was
An imperfect human being like me
She asked if we could be friends, I cautiously agreed
That day I promised myself never to forget where I had been
Knowing full well I could construct that pedestal all over again

It’s easy to confuse fantasy with reality
As human beings our imaginations have no limits
What’s dangerous about this is when love gets involved and hearts get exposed on sleeves
And you revolve you’re feelings and emotions over something that’s not there
So I say…justify what you believe…and with your emotions…take care
Eddie Henderson

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