Michelle Tolly

Breaking Through

I bleed as the gun goes off
I crave the blood running down his head
I bleed at the thought of him dying
But a girl can only take so much
I chose to take the abuse
The bruises lining my ribs and belly,
I bleed at the thought of his touch
His touch of nails digging in
His once soft touch
Now turns into punches
I feel the hurt in him
I take the abuse for him
My soul lives and breathes for him
I’m not brain washed
I’m loved deprived
I thank myself for putting up with it
Putting up with the violence
For one more day
One day is all it takes
Your life can change in a minute
Mines been beaten down here and there for years
Help me break through
I dream of a day with no more bruises
A day that has now come
It only took a single shot
His life ends and mine begins
I’m breaking through at the thought of freedom
Freedom that has finally come,
How can that be?
I had to pull the trigger!
There was no escaping him
I would have been found,
And drug back like a dog,
I’m done, I’m tired
I refuse to love him anymore
To be his personal punching bag
A punching bag that bleeds
Bleeds at the time
I have shed tears in the beginning
But I will no longer cry for myself
Self pity is worse that the abuse
Its worse than seeing him die by my hands
I made the decision
And I now I suffer the consequences
Now I reload
His life has ended
And mine will now
I will not go to jail
I will not be put in a cage any more
I will die
Because of love gone bad
Hitting someone isn’t love
Its recreational purposes of taming somebody
I am not going to be broken
As he falls to the ground
Like a cannon ball
I feel my heart bursting with pain
For my only love
And knowing that I killed him
He got to me
And for once I fought back
I fought back hard!
Then I pulled the trigger once more
Ending a life time of misery at last
At last this great day has come
I fall on top of him
Thanking myself for getting the courage to end this nightmare
A nightmare of the love that ended so horribly
Please forgive me my love
You put me through hell
Now I’m sending you home.
Back to your demonic place of love
The destruction ends now
Thank you for being my only love of torment
My life,
Your life
What did they really mean?
I guess we’ll never know
You took mine while in the wake of life
I took yours in death
Welcome to the house of Revenge

Poem Submitted: Monday, January 28, 2008

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