Robert Rorabeck

Bronze Star - 2,811 Points (04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Robert Rorabeck Poems

1. Perfection Concrete In His Promise 12/6/2005
2. Beds Of Concrete 12/6/2005
3. Our Less Than Perfect Attempt To Remain Beyond Nothing 12/7/2005
4. A Woman At My Door 12/8/2005
5. Prehistoric Red Room 12/8/2005
6. Appomattox 12/8/2005
7. Five Hundred 12/1/2005
8. The True Romance Of Pulp Fiction (Or: How I Have 50 Days Left To Live) 12/1/2005
9. Rage Like Klaus Kinski 7/24/2005
10. Starved On The Dreams 7/24/2005
11. Universal, Expanding Gas 10/8/2005
12. The Ancient Planet 10/17/2005
13. In Coitus With The Devil If Only For A Second 10/21/2005
14. The Bearded Lady 9/21/2005
15. Blueprints To The Banshee 9/26/2005
16. Delaware 11/8/2005
17. My Head On The Pillow On The 50 Yard Line 11/13/2005
18. Barren Room 11/13/2005
19. Salt River Canyons 7/24/2005
20. Round 11/16/2005
21. Falls City 12/1/2005
22. Pure, Pure Sunlight 12/28/2005
23. The Unpublished Continent 12/21/2005
24. Goldilocks And The Spear Of Longinus 1/25/2006
25. When I Was A Wolverine 2/1/2006
26. Huddling In Septembers 2/5/2006
27. The Thing That No One Saw 2/11/2007
28. Last Of The Conquistadors 2/17/2007
29. Nightgown 2/17/2007
30. Boothill 4/9/2007
31. Drifters 4/13/2007
32. Loretta? 4/14/2007
33. Phoenix 4/16/2007
34. Unanswered Pain 4/23/2007
35. Miss Chinese Water Torture 4/23/2007
36. Dreams 4/23/2007
37. The Searchers 4/24/2007
38. Shadows Whisper From The Lips Of The Cave 9/10/2006
39. Kelly #9 2/6/2007
40. Become 2/6/2007

Comments about Robert Rorabeck

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  • Prabir Gayen Prabir Gayen (3/26/2019 10:01:00 PM)

    A good and talented poet....God bless you...

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  • Z. M. Wise Z. M. Wise (4/23/2015 12:03:00 AM)

    From what minescule fragments of a stockpile of poetic brilliance, I am completely blown away by Mr. Rorabeck's work. From his style and influences to his timing, rhythm, etc...I hope he never ceases this archaic and timeless craft. POETRY LIVES! !

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  • Justin Reamer Justin Reamer (5/17/2012 12:41:00 PM)

    I believe Bret is a very good poet. He seems to know what it takes to be a good poet. His rime and rhythm is evenly matched, and he knows how to convey his message in his poem. His poetry is flowing and soothing to the ear. He is one of the best modern poets on this site.

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  • Peter O'Brien (9/18/2011 1:53:00 PM)

    A lovely selection of poems! The silver & gold of of famous wordsmiths - Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Lorca, Whitman & others! 'These fragment have I shored against my ruin...'. thanks

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  • Jim Troy (8/10/2011 5:56:00 AM)

    I have read just one and had to leave my applause.
    Gratefully looking forward, the honor to read more of your great works........Jim Troy

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  • Jenda Lecroy (4/14/2010 9:14:00 PM)

    A true poet. Old soul, new life.

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  • Virginie Guillemette (3/6/2008 1:41:00 PM)

    i really enjoy your work...i feel the sense of time given your words, as if you choose them as one chooses the ripest cherries in the pile. clever and from an honest place.

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Best Poem of Robert Rorabeck

Birthday Wishes, Of Course

Tired rooms in opulent boredom,
And today I drove through the Zuni nation:
Our tax dollars had bought for them a hash of
Repetitious houses,
And I thought of you: Oh, Erin,
My flower of evil, as I ate sweetened popcorn
And drank guava nectar,
And dreamed up new dire novels of incest and
And waited to get all the way home into these
High brushes to get drunk safely and to think
Of you;
And Monday is your birthday,
And all the boys know the road courses of your
And I am just doing this to put myself to sleep,
To sate on ...

Read the full of Birthday Wishes, Of Course


In bed with the early morning shadows
bleeding the night into another killing
where glorious colors like afterbirth flows
in nebular jets into the horizon’s bowl,
revealed, I have the presentiment that my
life will fail, and rising against my Northern
dreams, I secede against their human impulse
of hope, and the cities inside me scream,
“You will never have her. She will never love you! ”

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