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Broken Dreams - Poem by Leaking Pen

A bitter love ending
To my broken heart,
Love baits me a trap
Leaves me to wilt and die.

Harsh words from a poet
To nail my coffin shut.
Who is the fool who said?
It's better to have loved and lost…

It is not I it is not I.

I loved and died when my love
Left me the moment I surrendered my heart,
And all I have is this caring heart
How could love be so cruel?

I am the poster child for love's cruelty, I am, I am.

This poem might banish me
From loves true friendship.
I have broken the golden rule
By speaking ill of love
And who said love does lie?

It is I it is I.

I have broke the golden rule once more
To never speak ill of the dead or love.
I am now a humpback,
Deformity cements my aching trails
And caused the twist in my spine,
And made my skeleton a bridge to nowhere.

I am so dead, yes I am, I am.

My angry verse line up one by one
Soldiers heading to the battlefield,
Outnumbered and ill equipped.
My misery guiding their condition
How can a weakened heart ever win?
When it is already broken beyond repair.

No resurrection for the looser, it is I it is I.

A broken heart cannot be glued together
Love is cruel dare I say,
When its teeth bite me like a rabid dog
As if I lived in time gone by
And no treatment was available then to cure me,
And when all hopes are depleted
Despair causes my heart's supernova,
And I shattered to pieces like never before
And no poem can resurrect my soul.

No one hears my cries from the grave, except a black cat.

Would I forgive love?
That devoured my one life
And kidnapped my morning promise
Asking for a ransom I could not afford
Its payback was death to my soul.

Sweet revenge a clear winner, not mine, not mine.

Where can I find the fairest judge in the land?
To weigh in on love versus my broken heart
And help guide a jury of my peers to reach the right verdict,
Would they vindicate love instead of my pain?
Has love bribed its way to every jurist heart?
And am I fighting a loosing battle?
Love really hurts, I bleed from its fangs profusely.

There is no justice, I'm the victim yes I am, yes I am.

February 07 2012
Copyright Leaking Pen 2012
Rev Nov 9th 2014

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