Steven Cooke

Rookie (01-04-1958 / Sheffield)

Broken England - Poem by Steven Cooke

My Brave ancestor of England,
Look away, for I offend thee

For your England is no more
Decay eats away at this fallen empire.
Your people divided
Its laws weakened by Europe’s power
Its leadership, protecting the few
The fresh air of your Country gone
Only the stench of anarchy remains
Heroes of The Somme look away for I offend thee

Stock Market Parasites, take without producing
Corporations overwhelm, the weak,
Without paying their due,
Their off shore havens digest the life blood of this once great nation,
Leaving the scraps of minimum wage for the masses to beg
The dead of Pashendale look away for I offend thee

Government legislate to keep us in bondage till 66
Over the hill at 50, to wander the dole queue
Youth denied education,
Universities at a price
Qualifications for the chosen few
Unemployment, for the poor,
Our brothers of Gallipoli look away for I offend thee

Our Cities are in pain
Hopeless lives, with hopeless dreams
Hopeless choices, drugs, crime,
Or silence behind closed doors.
Babies born to fail
Children, exposed to depression and chips
The ghosts of Arnhem look away for I offend thee

A voice in the darkness, shouts its rage
The iron curtain of youth descends on England
This is no Lennon revolution,
This is youth with no future, abandoned by government
No rules here to obey, No Civic pride,
No sense of History, no Country to protect
The Saviors of Goose green look away for I offend thee

But fat cats beware, for there is a dream
That cannot be bought,
A warning from history
A country cannot go forward
Without learning from the past,
Your greed will self-destruct
Your Paradise a lie
For a Dangerous wind now blows
And common sense, will fail
For England is Broken,
And life will never be the same
In England’s green and pleasant land
You see I too look away, for this all offends me.

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