James Lewis

Rookie (August 19,1975 / Newark, NJ)

Bush's Fault - Poem by James Lewis

America's in ruins, people blame it on Borack, it seems this country's memory's as short as some mens' jock,

I'm tired of empty promises, it's time to walk the walk, remember how we got here ALL of this is Bush's fault.

The rich are steady thriving while the poor will steady burn, I watch the news each morning see ya boy's already learned,

to filter out the feces but the lies will never stop, Bush left this country messy like an old streetwalker's box.

The funding's cut in half and schools are going under bad, it's almost 5 George Washingtons for 1 gallon of gas,

it's costing more to eat for some of us who earn the least, Obama didn't do it to us, this is Bush's beast.

He spent the cash on war the likes of which not seen before, those mass destruction weapons never were accounted for,

with parents out of work it's getting hard to feed the kids, there're cameras everywhere inside the hood in which I live.

The 1st responders had to ask for healthcare what a shame, the millions used to find Bin Laden, tell me what was gained,

beside the loss of someone's life by foreign gun or knife, our soldiers sent to fight atop the desert sand at night.

Police are being laid off by the hundreds and for what? ! New Jersey's bout to be like Bagdad, better run and duck,

which still will get a cap up in your back so run for what? Just heed my speakings when the demons start to run amok.

The ripples in the pond is now the storm before the calm, it sucks to see ol Chucky Sheen, his mental clearly gone,

the end of days is near and soon we'll have to wade through tears, just focus on the chaos all around you, aint it real?

The proof is in the pudding but there's no time for dessert, we've eaten what they've fed to us and now our bellies hurt,

the future of America is pushing to a halt, the dummy spent the money then he booked, it's Bush's fault.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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