mohammed rasool

Bye Miss

I remember the times when you were there for me
through my many tears you helped me really see
that you always there for me
you stood close to me like a friend, there for me
until the end

I will never forget you, the things
you helped me through, I saw my inspiration
it is you
you were always there when I needed you
I now will always have great memories of you

You would ask me 'how are you doing'? ''
I would say I'm fine
as tears start to form in my eyes
you always knew that I was really not fine

You are someone that I want to be like
I found out who that person is, that person is you
I hope that you remember me through your days
you have touched my heart in so many ways

I look up to you and I see a ray of sunshine
shining in on me
I knew God sent me one of his angels
when he sent you to me

You help me through it all
coming to save me every time I fall
If I could say one word that wouldn't
tell it all

I am so happy to have you with me
you helped me to really see what I couldn't
see You helped me to find the real me
you turned me into the beautiful person
I was meant to be.

If I say goodbye to you I will just fall apart
because you have always been in my heart
I don't want to lose you
you care about me and I care about you too

I remember the day I first met you and you met me
it was like it was really meant to be
you are someone I hold close to my heart
there I know that we will never be apart

You told me to listen to my heart
But it wasn't speaking

You told me to wait
But soon I got impatient

You told me to feel
But I didn't know how to feel beyond my body

You told me to see through it
But it wasn't made of glass

You told me read between the lines
But there was nothing there

You told me to be careful
Does it mean I was too careless?

You told me I was blind
But still I could see

You told me we don't have time to spare
But who were we giving our time to?

You told me stop being so closed
But I wasn't a door

You told me 'don't cry '
Was I suppose to force myself to be happy

You told me to forgive & forget
But its not easy

You told me to l o v e
But what is that?
You don't know what it is until you find it
Where is it?
Nobody knows

You told me a lot of things
And I didn't really know what they meant
But I've grown now
Your gone & I wish you would tell me some more

I had no where to turn, had no where to go.
this is just something I think you need to know
I don't know what made me trust you
I still remember the day when I told you what I've been through
I thought I should run away, go hide in a hole
but then you really brought out my true soul

As each day grew longer
our trust became stronger
each time I wanted to cry
you stayed there right by my side

then I moved to the next grade
Boy was I afraid
that our trust would slowly fade
but I was wrong
we are still strong

even though sometimes you don't have time
you at least ask me if I am fine
even though sometimes I am not
I feel like I have just been shot
I smile and say yes I'm alright
then I walk away and your out of sight
I'll just have to wait
I still have my fate

I am so glad
that you were there when I was sad

The Clarity you gave to me,
It shone like Angel rays,
Like water rushed on golden sands,
And crashed along the bays.

The questions deep within my heart,
Confused my humble mind,
Yet when you spoke your words aloud
It seemed, no longer I was blind.

The answers all came flooding in,
They touched my inner soul,
The knowledge that you gave to me
Within my heart I hold.

I understood that the events
That troubled me somehow,
Was nothing to be frightened of,
Instead I should be Proud.

I Thank You miss,
These words I say aloud,
For the Clarity you've given me,
Has made me feel quite proud.

Every time you say hi
You make me jump up really high
You make me fly in the sky
You make me fly Like a butterfly
You tough me not to lie
You tough me not to have an evil eye
You made me be a good guy
And now I feel like im going to fall and die
Because I think its our last good bye

Poem Submitted: Friday, July 20, 2012

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