Capable Anchor Poem by Emancipation Planz

Capable Anchor

Rating: 2.0

Today …
as I continue to babysit freedom
once more
you become my
capable poem
I can position you anywhere to bring lifes’ meaning
as a votive candle in languages to discern colour
difference in sun shines and swimsuits brilliance

the Pacific Ocean looks like colour TV fuzz
crinkle chocolate wrapper
silver lining
misted below
blues, greens, brown,
shaped as perfect eyes of Australia
lifesavers blonde

I glance cloudscape and wonder

If I am grave will you upwards
lift my cave to heaven

Imagination fluctuates in unaltered

I fished for strength
in a sea of like meets like
and the chips were words on newsprint
wrapped in commentary delight...
Fried in words
the dream bank in my recession
bellyached in cold stones

The tree branch became the hat that covered
the rocks shoulder that covered my tree..
Held upright so green was them that danced…

Tonight …
around the anchor of my poem
I found
a vault to abandon separation

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