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Due to changed circumstances I shall no longer answer messages sent to me in my inbox.
If you do wish to contact me please do so by posting an appropriate message in the Forum.

Thank you all for your understanding and past support.

Popular Poems
** From My Tree

Today …
Tripping over midnight,
Creation stopped.

Flower Buoy

forget me not evers
rest in my field, dreams
toss, turn across wind
sheet swept where bluest

^ The Wedding Of Mardi Gras And Pantomime

When Mardi Gras wooed Pantomime
they danced through all the streets,
the gods, whose Credo was the time
sent fireworks as treats.

From The Rebuttal Series: Snub (For My Blueberry)

(Note from writers: the following was originally compiled in ‘real time’ as seen on www.poemhunter.com/poem/snub-for-my-blueberry/
We hope the readers enjoy as much as the writers did (again) , this 'off the cuff ' writing collaboration.)

EP: Emancipation Planz and HN: Herbert Nehrlich

Fringe Of Heaven*

I hung the view
and not the washing with pegs


Daniel Kempson 27 August 2009

The flowing blood to the heart of this poetry site, her insight beggers belief at times, unique as a person, and her page always engages the eye and mind, thank you Daniel. Walk in Lavender, Aroha

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Haven Leonel 28 June 2009

hey your name showed up as E planz i this your that person, that just wrote me a comment, am i correct? you can message me if you like, in fact i find it to be more simple

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Herbert Nehrlich1 20 November 2008

It is always the bold and the utterly brave that will hike till they dropp or arrive at the cave. There is fire inside, and new smoke fills the air though the cupboard is stacked, and can never be bare. Needless to say, I do like your convolutions. Hx

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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008

you are writing very nice poems

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Emancipation Planz 23 September 2008

They keep this up I may well and truly be outta here...

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Kris Smith 23 September 2008

Nice to see you back and firing with both barrels, go get em Planz! ! !

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**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 21 September 2008

just a welcome back...to ya planz to stay? ? ? ? ?

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Kesav Easwaran 21 September 2008

waxing and waning constant...that is the beauty of her appearance in this site...and her writes always remain a beaming moon light...

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Ian Bowen 10 September 2008

The best player on the block...

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Herbert Nehrlich1 10 July 2008

I do love the way your mind works.Even a smidgen of cognitive dissonance will not unbalance you and it is, in fact an asset added to the countless other ones you were blessed with. As to photos, size is everything.And all this sine grano salis. May I bless you in Latin? Inter pedes virginum gaudium est juvenum. (Latin is always relevant, pertinent and precious) .Latin teacher used to say, the more Latin you learn the more you can impress the grandkids in years to come..

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Coach Roth 02 July 2008

Please don't go...but at least give us a forwarding address...Love Coach

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MARCI MADE 15 June 2008

Ummm, love the picture, the brave and open heart expressed. But then, that would be you as is seen in your lovely poems. Looks like one of those isolated caves in Bermuda where one can do 'ANYTHING' one wants. Or at Club Med in Martinique at the nude beach or on many beaches in St, Martaan. You go girl! ! ! [never could do more than take off my top though even with old saggy men and women around, me at the time all of 98 lbs compared to 125 now still couldn't do the bottom. Like the lion guess I lack courage [one in The Wizard of Oz.] Meg..

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p.a. noushad 14 June 2008

beautiful nerration.good poems.

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Emancipation Planz 14 May 2008

Now Mr Housiaux.. you are very nice but also very naughty.. have you no idea how I hate waste and the sheer volume of overflow that now runs out of my INBOX..did you never take the time to read my 1st poem... no Disrespect but.... Seriously! ! ! you have committed a serious breach of rules here - you must be Cutz I'm afraid.

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Philip Housiaux 11 May 2008

Had come to the point where wanted to make public acknowledgement of Emancipation's spirit and wit only to find other's there before me. She works hard keeping up with the PH correspondence and if you have not already had the distincive pleasure of comments and messages from Emancipation you are missing out on wit, charm, and unasbashed vivaciousness that only leaves one feeling better and not wronged. So here's to you with sincere thanks.

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Jerry Hughes 03 May 2008

Agree with all the comments and adding this, thank wee Harold for your great sense of humour.

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Roger Cornish 01 April 2008

One of the clever ones on here.... Her poetry is deep you see.... rogerx

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Broken Peaces 06 March 2008

By far one of the most thought provoking poets on this site, her conscience and care for our enviroment is a must read for all, I regard my friendship with this lady and her work an honour and to be treasured. As she qouted Love at first type! Flora works and plays in New Zealand to. Chris

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Ivan Donn Carswell 25 February 2008

Deana is a seriously able poet with a wide range of fine skills. She is equally adept at light and humourous or whimsical reverie but pens a serious dialogue along with the best. Regards, Ivan

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