Carved Into My Forearm Poem by Jay Press

Carved Into My Forearm

Since birth i had destiny carved into my forearm
To forewarn my mother's scorn
To forecast today's war

I thought something great lied behind the clouds
I thought the future was gonna be proud, loud and filled with crowds
Not filled with fouls
Not filled with doubt
I'm suppost to be strong
Life was suppost to pull-along

But i'm stuck in a glitch
I can't predict past the size of this bullshit
Caught in a minute-made hell
Where residents dwell and never excell

Talent is cheaper than table-salt
Inability is the takers fault
Only persistence builds walls
In prison we walk only halls
Only in in-existence is reality tall instead of flawed
And even today i still dream of it all
Of winning
Of success
To transgress & progress into a man that will impress
And never be suppressed

A Dreamer and a Doer are two different types
It doesn't matter what's right
Cause this is life
There are no rules
Only Fools, Tools, Jewels, Lovers, Victims and Guru's

So what can i do?
Who can i love?
Where i can go?
And what waits above?

Doesn't anyone hear 'I said I'm stuck'
I'm buried, furthermore here's a cement truck
Right over-top is the cement team
They'd stop paving if they could hear my screams
They'd stop spackling if they knew
They were spackling my dreams
I'm to far down in the ground
To be found or heard by sound
'Won't someone just pull me out? '

Won't someone just take my hand
Pull me up onto miracle land
That isn't made from quick-sand

What's carved into my arm isn't shining very bright
Maybe true birth will come after my struggle's plight
After my troubles fight
Then maybe my prophecy will come to light
Maybe my life will ignite
And I'll take flight
Maybe i just can't write
Maybe i just can't say it
I have to do it
I have to be true to it

This poem is made of verses
These verses are made of words
These words are made of letters
That were nothing before i put them together
I let them become a reflection of what I feel i am
In the hope that you would understand....

Allow me to expand my minds horizon
And I'll be flying
Only if i allow me to relentlessly achieve
Only then will I succeed

Error Success