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You have tempted me
With the gift to die
Oh my ultimate


When no worries are on your mind
When the past and future Do Not Exist
When the moment is what you are

Have you ever wanted to succeed more then anything
Have you ever tried so hard it felt like you should be king
Have you conquered anyone who stood in your path
Have you never looked back forgetting your past fiery wrath

The greatest difficulty in life is wanting, craving something you know you can NEVER have.
Anything else in life you can work for and work towards.
But you can't change someone's will. You cannot make Her love you... unless she loves you.
To love and not to be loved back is the tragedy at hand.

Marijuana is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness and ultimate understanding of the universe.........

So take a Toke
Make a Joke

I am Only what I am
For better or Worse
This is what i'm worth

Everything worth losing has aready been lost
Everything worth gaining has already been gained
This early life of mine brings me to my grave

A knife in the dark
It's always been in the dark
You've always been in the dark
The knife has always been right there.

I want to smash what is inside of the mirror
but the mirror doesn''t open up
It just falls apart
Just like the walls of my heart

Tommrow is farther away then it's ever been
The farther i walk down this road
The longer it gets
What i ask myself


My hair is greasy
My room's a mess
If life was a test
I'd receive an F


God i don't want to see anymore
God i don't want to feel anymore
God are you there? are you hearing me?
Because God i don't want to Hear anymore

In the Darkness
The Soul is Beaten
The Spirit is Dry
I've no reasons to live

There’s still hope

I can still do it

He is the master of his Existence
She is the master to his A-Pittance

He surrendered what he had

You cant look me in the eyes
Because you know where i've been
You can't look me in the eyes
Because you know what i've seen

Since birth i had destiny carved into my forearm
To forewarn my mother's scorn
To forecast today's war

I remember remembering a long time ago something i used to know but now i can't quite remember.

But i remember... remembering.

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You have tempted me
With the gift to die
Oh my ultimate
but not very tragic

Oh, am i the only fool in here
It can't be
There has to be a million more
Just like me

I think I'm a duplicate
Not very unique
Just one,
In a box of freaks

Leave me alone
The more you tempt me
The more I'm prone

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