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Cascades - Poem by Robert Burgan

I still wander through the vacant streets searching for a purpose
A bunch of old memories that continue to resurface
People claiming sovereignty, cities riddled poverty
Starting to believe that we all wear off our novelty
Over time when the rhinestones fade
Foggy glass that pollutes the cascade
Constant flow, undertow so deep
Roads are rocky, ledges are steep
Leap off the edge into the dead of the night
Find stars in your eyes when I'm searching for moonlight
Consumed by the mood attitude gets me cozy
Can't get exposed until the whole room is smoky
Have a chat while the embers flash
Exhale with the evening breathe in the past
Reflect when the sun comes up so symbolic
Churn up the dirt that you've never acknowledged
Get it all out, nothing to lose
Life is the course of action you choose
Everything's a choice
That self-seeking voice
In your head will scream until you silence the noise
This one's for the guys and all the good talks
We're still living that's a goal we can check off.

The cascades rush through my head I feel undead
Walking through a city that's famous for bloodshed
Read all the rules to this life and I'm trifled
From nervous to happy to angry to spiteful
An eyeful of culture mind full of sober
Flash in the pan man the past is over
Accept or reflect everything bad thing I said
Sometimes you don't like your truth so you digress
Embedded my problems in coffins and locked em
Planted seeds in my bottom they started blossom
Look at how beautiful it looks in the sun
Cascades of hope flow through who we've become
Twentysomething nothings, shape-shift into sunbeams
Color scheme bleeds through the need to be loved
We have no answers but pinpoint the cause
Work day to day to maintain our flaws
Defects of character begin the analysis
Earn back trust and churn up a narrative
This one's for the guys look at our growth
We're alive, that's the ultimate goal.

Topic(s) of this poem: coming of age, reminiscences

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