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Cassandra's Blues - Poem by Kevin Patrick

Prescience was the fatal curse
That drove her future in a Hearse
Towards the walls of fatal dice
Where Achaeans bid so well to smite
Their wooden vessel that encodes
The Sun Gods laughter on his thrown
Vengeance for her first refusal
Comforts from his lecherous council

While hazard poured outside her tongue
Hiccupped through riddles of vapors lost
Her relatives could not profess
It's semblance for common sense
Whereas ten thousand stood outside
She wailed besieged to the endgames tide
Perhaps they should have played charades
Then they wouldn't have been a myth one day

Cassandra's Blues were born from the truth
Caught sneaking wisdom in the pythias brew
She witnessed the sun before the dawns rise
And the victors plunder ahead of first strike
Saw the Dardanelles swept in burned ruins
With Countrymen wreaked in cruel display
Cursed to become a mail ordered bride
Whilst wife no 1 said off with her life

Upon the terrace she cast advice
As Attica's made their advance
Alas poor Priam could not withstand
The ramblings of his daughter's hands
While Paris daily doubled dithered
His brother Hector got evicted
Because the girl who got the stub
Made an apples worm for wars discord

Had she made Apollo's consort
It would not have been the discomfort
To see the blood of brothers drawn
While they still played on before Swan songs
She understood that gifts received
Where things that enemy's deceived
What could she do while dominoes fall
And the Gods stood back to laugh along

Cassandra's blues were a women's crew
Inspiring wisdom in the wind that blew
Mistress doomed to fortuitous chance
A life besieged by ignoble circumstance
Ajax took her, innocents dishonored
Whereas Agamemnon truly loved her
The only peace which she found council
Was when the veil of sight expired

Now she sings in daylights gardens
The future blind as an omen pardoned
The gods who played her are long cursed
To be the legends underneath the earth
Cursed are those who play cruel games
When nature equals the hubris score
For lords and Gods are not the strong
When mistress death tames life's pawns

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Inspired by the classical Greek character, who was doomed to see things but unable to communicate her concerns. She is the perfect example of the human condition

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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