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I have no time to notice
what takes place around me

Distractions daily duties grab focus

Alive in doubt danger or hope
from burial to birth- Acceptance
of any invitation makes for grief or mirth
More often taken and spilled

If the silhouette could speak it would
Say the real shadow is flesh and bone
That separates you from the real world

The balance between left and right
Where guilty extremes grow contrite...
Is the spirit a purple thing?

That laugh revives a warm memory.
Shoulders rolling hair swinging
That year a familiar territory
as near as last Saturday


As certain as sunrise
or flooding after rains
Or arrests after rallies
or waking after sleep

Be not proud.
In a downtown alley way
he stands but just barely and to see his
pale gaunt ashen frame is to ask-

nothing more than what a long gone
generation called an idiot box
something you stared into
and it made you stupid.

When it’s cold outside
Put on something warm
and take it for a walk
if that’s possible

There once was a brain from Surrey
Who solved equations in a hurry
He studied his beer
Then all became clear…

Keep the chair, the pets,
the artwork, the antiques
and I'll even throw in the garden hose
Just as long as my fate, a rose

Alone at the beach
with hundreds surrounding me
Calm asserts itself
Cruise ships crawl seawards

The woman with
the tattoos on her back
and the rat on her head
walked past

On a day when emerald is ubiquitous
one may dwell on greening
and springtime and renewal and coming of new life
Yes, life

You may have goals
But settle for sleeping

Evil never feels old
He wakes up each morning
and after brushing
his teeth

All my expectations plumb
the fallow heart and succumb
to that resignation that starts
to beat and hum and then charts

Layer on
the complements
and hope

On a cool night
a full moon
inspects toddler's toys
strewn across the yard

The tragedy lies
in knowing the future lives
only in the mind
the body surrenders well

The Best Poem Of M.J. Lemon

I Broke My Leg

I have no time to notice
what takes place around me

Distractions daily duties grab focus
away from who I am might be

I break my leg and the misery
means I must lie still do not move

as every simple motion spasm
cramp serves to reprove

listen listen listen

i go to pieces, Says the Tibia
i feel trapped, Says the Fibula
i cannot move, Says the Knee
there's no common ground, Says Achilles
i need air, Says the Ankle
step on it, Says the Foot
we love the outdoors, Say the Toes
i've got you covered, Says the Cast
we want to go places, Say the Crutches
have a seat, Says the Wheelchair
i'll be back, Says the Leg

Leg leg Leg
I will keep it together

M.J. Lemon Comments

Susan Williams 04 July 2017

Mj Lemon is not, I repeat not, afraid to think and write out of the box- -and what a liberating and frightening thing that can be! There is nothing that escapes his writer's eye. He has that basic ingredient in good writers- there is nothing that isn't grist for the mill- nothing is stagnant or loss to him- it is all part of life and as such can be turned to gain. And turn it he will. He is awesome in his intelligence, in his humorous insight, and in his fascination with fitting structure to message. He is not afraid of the sharp demands of brevity and masters the form with his so well-chosen words. I have yet to read a poem of his that does not offer a thought for meditating upon. All these things about him spell excellence.

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Melvina Germain 19 October 2015

M.j. holds me in the midst of his poetry with his flavour of diversity, I'm loving every moment of the journey. I'm wondering all along the path what's next, who or what will be around the corner, the intensity is fabulous and I'm surrounded by words, beautiful inviting words. M.j. is clearly one of my favourite poets and I do look forward to reading his work with a cup of tea to delight my morning read...Thank you M.j.

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Sarah Mkhonza 05 December 2016

Great poem I once broke my leg. This poem reminded me of that time

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Bri Edwards 01 February 2018

M. J. Lemon’s PoemHunter-suggested Poems, in C A P I T A L S ….[ Seven Poem Titles, Hidden In Plain Sight; Bri’s Poetic Morning Exercise ] ‘I BROKE MY LEG’ while reaching ‘FOR HER’..’SILHOUETTE’. I managed today just one handful of her willowy (slim) figure to get. My ‘SPIRIT’ may be slowing down; I may be (am!) ‘FEELING OLDER’. But she is like a gem: “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL” “EMERALD”. I must hold her! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honpur to poet M.J. Lemon as, Creative Gravity. From today onward he will be known as Creative Gravity M.J. Lemon. This title of honour is offered to him due to his high standard perseverance and contribution to the world literature. We hope, all poets, people and visitors will like this.

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Bri Edwards 23 December 2021

Drop me a line here if PH allows it. I mean a 'message' to me on PH. bri ;)

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 20 August 2020

May the 'Spirit' of 'the Most beautiful' remain as a treasure and be a glow in your life for years to come. With warm wishes, dear Poet MJ, for many more exquisite poems.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 20 August 2020

MJ Lemon is a classic poet who writes with finesse and refinement. He has an eye for meticulous detail of the topic he chooses and pens his poems with artfulness. " I broke my leg" is an unique poem that deals with the emotion of pain and the body parts that assume such importance during the process of healing. An unforgettable, lively poem!

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Mamta S 31 July 2020

A creative poet on this site. Like your poems Sir

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