Aimee Doll

Caught Between The Truth And The Lies - Poem by Aimee Doll

You say I'm not honest
You say I'm not true
You say I don't trust
That I don't open up to you

But you don't really understand me,
Or maybe you just forget
Because with girls like me,
What you see is what you get

But you couldn't see,
Could you?
You refused to see the real me
It was too painful for you

You didn't want to admit
I'm a person, not a pet
I have feelings, damnit
I love, cry, sweat

I'm not even that complicated
I'm really quite straightforward
(Although I know I can't be replicated)
But, to you, was I just some award?

A trophy on your shelf
Show off your pretty little girlfriend
But no longer will I be your pelf
What we had will never mend

Now I'm leaving
I can see your dismay
And your hurting
But did you really think I would stay?

I may be gullible
A pretty little fool
But even you are fallible
I, too, can be cruel

I do have a brain
(Though I don't often seem to use it)
I can see through your pretty words quite plain
Now that I'm quite done with your shit

It was fun while it lasted
I'll admit, I was head over heels
Yes, I loved, maybe even trusted
It will be a miracle if this heart ever heals

Maybe someday I'll trust again
Let's hope this cold heart opens
But not for you, who still cause it so much pain
I should have known, should have seen the omens

But as they say, love is blind
I was caught between the truth and the lies
I knew I was falling, losing my mind
But I couldn't stop this love's tragic demise

We weren't Romeo and Juliet
Nor Noah and Allie
Just a girl and her regret
A boy and his dummy

Well, I refuse to be your doll
I know I'm more than just a toy
And I am willing to take this fall
So that someday we both can find joy

I'll be honest; I still care for you
And I miss what I thought we had
But my perceptions were not true
So I keep saying that I'm not sad

I'll try not to be bitter
Though you promised me the sky
My mind your empty promises still litter
Will you ever tell me why?

It was not I that didn't trust
All along it was you
You didn't trust that this was more than lust
So how could I trust you?

We both have our secrets
We both have our lies
Which just add to our regrets
So let's watch as this love dies

Two wrongs don't make right
So we never stood a chance
Please don't put up a fight
You know it was a doomed romance

I'll take my share of the blame
As long as you take yours
Together we've extinguished the flame
And forever closed these doors

We'll take our wins
With our losses, fine
I'll forgive your sins
If you'll forgive mine

Now it's time to say goodbye
With this poem, I will move on
Please forgive me for that one final lie!
Because inside this broken heart, forever we'll live on,

Caught between the truth and the lies.

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  • (4/10/2008 1:25:00 AM)

    read your poems, found this one touched a few nerves for me, if I could give you any advice and I am no expert myself but a little bit more editing would tighten up the narrative, sometimes you put in an extra word where it is not needed or miss one out where it is, enjoyed your work
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