Aimee Doll

Young And Reckless - Poem by Aimee Doll

In a red car
Convertible top down
Zooming fast
Two teens squealed and shouted
Adrenaline pumping through their veins
Young and reckless
Young and in love

She looked at him
Her cheeks red, hair blowing
Smiling and laughing
He looked at her
Wondering how he ever got this lucky

Eyes back on the road
A split-second too late
In the middle of the road
A car, broken down
He frantically turned the wheel

Tires screeching
Thunderous crashing
Glass flying
Screams piercing
Excruciating pain
Black out

He opened his eyes
Felt something warm
Running down his face
Hands covered in blood
Pushed away paramedics

Madly searched for his love
She was lying in the road
Thrown from the car
Her head bleeding profusely
He cried out in agony

Held her head in his arms
Patted her blood-soaked hair
She opened her eyes
Just a slit,
Whispered, 'I love you.'
He whispered, 'I love you, too.'

Bent his head and kissed her
Their very last kiss
She smiled
And shut her eyes forever
Gone to a better place
She was too good for this cold, cold world

He sobbed and sobbed
Wishing he could have died instead
His heart broken
His life in pieces
His girlfriend gone
Gone, gone, gone

She left this world
Young and reckless
Young and in love

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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