Waadee Krax Seagull

Rookie (New Delhi)

Chaos - Poem by Waadee Krax Seagull

Numbers are the meaning
They are not the key
You may only know my name
And imagine the rest of me
Numbers are the meaning
Based on relativity
The negative is the positive
Neutrality is the form
A mixture created the universe
A division it might be

Numbers, numbers, numbers
The coded individuality
The end is the beginning
The beginning is not the key
A temple by the sea sore
The visual spectrum a electromagnetic radiation
A spider web the golden ratio
The molecules of a snow flake never represent a repetition
Your brain filters out
Only what it wants but
Not what it needs
It manifests the imagined reality

Numbers, numbers, numbers
The coded insanity
There is no shortcut
No one is pure
It’s the gift of nature
It’s the journey
Of 216 steps
But you were guided by a fraud

Numbers, numbers, numbers
Numbers are the key
To the door of the valley with
A spiral mystery
Before you die you will visit it once
But you will be reborn if you don’t
The cycle will continue
Until you device a flee

Numbers, numbers, numbers
Are conscious
An organism this universe might be
Just like you and me
The meca and the orga
Are both reminders of the quotient?
An illusion true as a word
A symbol of a feeling
Which may be called
The intuition of a recycled personality
Memories of a decision
Are quadratic equation
To find the pattern of an

Numbers, numbers, numbers
Numbers are the key
To your own destruction
To the possibilities that
Death is just an illusion
There is more than we can see
A pie in the darkness
There are things hidden from
You and me
Accuracy, patterns, theories,
Will only show you what you want to see
An inverted eight
Is the proof of our
Imagined incapability

Numbers, numbers, numbers
Numbers are emotional
In their own entirety

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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