Allyce Crenshaw

China Doll - Poem by Allyce Crenshaw

Your a maker of revenge.
You justify your actions as self defence.
When in fact I see through the lies,
Causing repent carnage at night I chase away the cries.

Your painful and sick inflicting abuse,
A devil worshiper at heart who will damage and use
Snakes among pentagrams sprawled on your flesh,
A lover of hate, a guise of less...

You seek out the darkness and hide within it's depths
You tried to creep within the light.
But felt trapped within its clutch.

A body without a soul.
A lonesome gargoyle who seems a beast.
Stalking me as prey, hunting humans for sadistic play.
Gruesome behavior... beyond what humans could portray.
Your ill thoughts you throw on display.
Face book, my space you log in and convey.

Your the dragon I must slay, Locked out of the kingdom of God,
Choosing to betray, An empty angel you refused to obey.
A slave to the devil I cast thee away.

A heart decaying,
Flesh rotting away,
Your a dangerous reminder of my constant dismay.

Horrible tactics you use guilt as bait.
Dead eyes forming into an emotionless craze.
Anticipation grid locks you in a hazy ambiance of grey,
Showing public displays of selfish praise.
Disturbing momentary relapses you shift from my gaze.
A glazed expression appears on your archaic face.

Your not immortal the Devil always comes to collect,
Reflecting an empty soul full of spiritual debt,
Only now you detect a threat of physical malaise.
When you accept your fate of death you must sign your decree.
Ask for no forgiveness I shall give none to thee.

Never shall you see whats beyond the darkening sky,
A pitiful demon cloaked in disguise.
Damned to limbo and destined to die,
Shrouded within Catholic mortal lies.

You will not conquer my soul,
I'm a china doll left broken yet consistently remains whole.
Smothered by imperfections a gift none the same,
I'm a judger of character you call me by name,

My heart is constrained by the lack of contempt,
You represent Horror, Fear and Torment.
My body seems lost but tears still remain,
You gave me life yet hold me to blame.
You caused me pain but demons can't feel,
I'm lost in my youth unable to heal.

Can't you see that I'm real? .
I bleed just like a human should.
Beyond my facade I am misunderstood,
Beyond yourself is a desire to kill...

No reasoning could stop your thoughts,
Only content will burn as it eats at my heart.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 8, 2011

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