Njousi Abang

Christ Was Is And Will Always Be - Poem by Njousi Abang

Christ the same yesterday
Today and tomorrow
Rings the wordings of the Holy Writ
Christ is God with us in all Nations
The flesh of Christ is immaterial
It misleads and causes people
To misappropriate Him
To the detriment of others
Christ merely took man's skin
And was born into a Jewish culture
Jewish thoughts and ways of doing things
Therefore shape our perception of Christ
Those who monopolize Christ
Act only as it is humanly possible,
Which only goes to exhibit human greed

Christ is ethically truth, love and mercy
Whatever is good is Christ like
For he is the way the truth and the light
Universal truth and goodness in all cultures
Incarnate Christ and project Him.
The narrowness of the human mind,
Manifested in the churches they create daily
Further mystifies Christ
Who was is and will always be

Christ is God in action
Churches have all along
Made frantic attempts
To put Him within a time frame
And deliver Him in parcels
When He is beyond all else

Catholicism started off with
Latin as the only language
Of communication with God
Just like Hebrew which the Jews used
The Roman culture intruded
Into Christianity until the Roman arch
Was made compulsory
For the Roman Catholic Church
But how could it have been
Universal and Roman at the same time?

Roman dominance only
Started dying especially
During the reign of Pope John XXIII
Resistance to this changed vision
And parochialism caused
Archbishop L'efebre of France to start
His Catholic Church, which held tied
Whereas the breakaway Basel and Lutheran
Churches were Germanized
And Christ was presented from their world view
Even then some species
Of human beings were still considered
Unfit for the Gospel but were they not with
Christ by Christ and from Christ?

Christ was is and will always be!
For in the beginning was the word
The word was with God
The word was made flesh
And dwells amongst us
My great grandmother knew Him
And called Him Fiyini
And His son, Abangkimbong
She kept the unwritten commandments
And lived according to the creed
Hence I have no doubt
That she is in heaven

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 13, 2012

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