peggy lucero

Christmas - Poem by peggy lucero

What did you wish for christmas?
I wished for my loved one to be out of prison,
level 5 allows no visits and phone calls not to be recieved,
prison is supposed to do what?
make men find more anger,
tear apart a family,
truelly, thats all i witnessed,
people dont seem to notice its also the convicts family whos a victim,
seeing your loved one shackled and chained up,
orange jumpsuit to one hug, to behind a glass conversations,
leaving them behind, trying to be strong,
youll recognize freedom behind a cage,
its like building rage,
day after day,
a routine to keep the mind from going insane,
you recognize youre friends through letters and visits,
yet they find themselves alone,
looking foward to simple visits,
spending your birthday in prison,
a simple candle wish of spreading your wings,
soaring for freedom,
keep counting to three and breathing,
rage builds up
i know the goverment lies,
do drugs, rape, child pornography, steal, and do drugs
yet our people allow them to appoligize,
more then a father who drives drunk and beats his wife and kids,
never listen to the goverment lies to serve the people,
they spend more time keeping a good reputation threw lying in tv ads
sitting behind a desk, taking vacations, drinking on beaches,
while struggling mothers fight to keep their house,
finding a babysitter when at work
trying to keep their kids from starving,
wheres mommy?
wheres daddy?
working fast food, and trying to keep alive through the county jail,
i hear people say 'those men deserve to be in prison, theyve had their chance,
their nothing but demons, they need a lesson, !
well excuse me since your so perfect!
the words that leave your mouth show you know nothing,
never needing to pray for your loved one to survive another day
waiting for a phone call to know their ok,
hearing people say 'gods will has finally been paid'
you support pro-life, yet scream to keep the death penalty?
Not seeing your ignorance or arogance,
while you are in the free world watching time pass,
i hear the womb i came from crying in her room, sipping another wine glass,
just trying to relaxe,
or silince the demons in her head that laugh,
one day karma will come around and bite you in the ass!
how do i know?
must you really ask?

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