Sidi J. Mahtrow

Chrstmas Carol - Poem by Sidi J. Mahtrow

A Christmas Carol

Listen my children and you shall hear
The noise above, on this nite so clear
Can it be that Santa has arrived ahead of time
Or is it just the wind and branches out of line.

Again you hear it, and it is for sure
There’s something amiss on this nite so pure.
Tiny hooves would make such a sound
As if prancing about on the ground.

Over there, you say
It’s as if Santa has landed his sleigh.
A sharp pitched sound is next what your hear
Something’s amiss, it’s now quite clear.

Across the roof they (or it, if it matters)
Have raised such disturbing clatters.
Near the chimney they go
Perhaps with intent to descend down below.

Could it be that Santa’s come just now
When it’s early for Christmas, all would allow.
And is he in danger if he is too soon to show,
For you see, the fires’ out but the cinder’s aglow.

I crept down the stairs so that I could see
What was to happening, this morn, hardly past three.
A disturbance that I knew not was the cause
For down the chimney came something; surely Santa Clause.

And yes; there on the hearth floor
Stood something that I could not easily ignore.
Covered with grime and yesterday’s ashes
Surely this couldn’t be Santa in one of his dashes.

Looking around to see if anyone’s there,
Then continued on his way without any care.
Across the floor toward the tree he went
Leaving presents was surely his intent.

Around the tree he went with dispatch.
Smelling the balsam to see if was fresh
Satisfied that all was well,
(My part in the story is I’m here to tell.)

Having done as Santa must do,
I expected him to leave gifts, not a few.
Finished, he would blow his nose with a snort
And this part of the mission completed, the rest to abort.

But not this one who had entered just now
I seems he had other thoughts as what to allow.
Perhaps the cookies, or the eggnog he’d sample,
For sure, his girth was more than ample.

But wait something’s amiss
This surely can’t be Santa, not this!
For as I peered from the doorway
I saw in dismay!

It’s only Omar (the cat) who has found a new way
To escape from the roof and descend this away!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 12, 2011

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