Sidi Mahtrow Poems

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reiterative Poetry

Reiterative poetry it seems proper to say
Has seen little sunlight in present day.
Yet it represents in all regard,
The beginning as English language broached forward.

A Chicken Is Not A Bird

A chkn na be a byrd
Acord'n folk lvn in flori da
Kep'n and own'n be difernt
If be a tigr or sknk kept

A Mullet Is Not A Fish? ?

So said the smart talk back in 1916.
For an out-of-work lawyer pickings were lean.

Alone, Late At Night

'So round, so firm
So fully packed,
So free and easy....'
(Well maybe not.)

thoughts On Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar's 'Half-Done' Poem

Rare is the word
That is used to describe
But you decide

An Ode To Dr Hitesh Sheth

Once came into view
A man of tallents, not a few
For he wrote as others might
That human experiece is a given right

A Special Christmas Gift

Most gifts come wrapped or maybe
Too awkward to be,
Are left standing in the corner or lying unwrapped under the tree
But this special gift was different, to be delivered on bended knee.

Archy The Flying Cockroach

Birds do it,
Bees do it,
Even man has to try.
But can cockroaches really fly?

A Ghostly Air

Was that a breath of cold air
I felt as I drove about in my car,
Or was it just the end of summer heat
That soon would be in full retreat?

A Poem To Vidi Writes

Sometimes one writes
For their own pleasures,
Or delights
In other measures.

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