Adhithya Krishna

Rookie (26/02/1995 / Coimbatore)

Civil War - Poem by Adhithya Krishna

It was a blissful morning until I heard that blaring noise,
A noise of an explosion assorted with shrill shouts and cries,
I saw an horrendous object which was dropped down from an hover,
Before I could cogitate, everything was already over.

As I regained my bleared conscious, I tried to open my eyes,
The enormous baleful smoke covered up the scarlet sky,
Everything was totaled and tattered with huge blows and mars,
They shattered the entire village in the name of a civil war.

You know,

Our ancestors inhabited this village and their origins cannot be dated,
Most ancient, revered and civilized that their sanctity cannot be stated.
But, The vast stretch of this fertile land is now withered and ablated,
The ravishing village once now lies soulless and desiccated.

We were forced to move to the camp, a so-called safest place.
Thousands of victims were chucked in, more than the expendable space.
In the name of native refugees, we were treated like an animal herd.
Our pensive begs for food were left ignored and unheard.

My interim stay at the camp were dire unbearable days,
Where each and every soul was tortured in numerous ways.
Women and hapless infants were mostly the deplorable victims,
And this torment seemed to happen as an edict of inconspicuous dictum.

This horrendous act of inhumanity increased each day,
Rapes and brutal abuse evolved into a cold-blooded slay.
Watching my blood-mates die was something my heart couldn't bear,
And everyone left this earth having their face imprinted with fear.

As the seconds of darkness stroked incessantly, arrived my final day.
I had no other choices to opt other than heeding to fate's play.
The boisterous bullet was triggered, It pierced right in my heart,
I wish to leave back my final message as my souls starts to depart.

Final Words:
'You were born on this earth bringing nothing,
and that is how you'll leave.
Your debauched ways of acquiring something,
Will definitely end up in grieve.

Everyone was born with an empty hand,
No place was reserved with a berth.
This entire Earth is mother nature's land
And this is the eternal truth.

No force except the nature can
Determine your birth or death
Remember, Every soul killed here will revive again
Like this beatified holy man of Nazareth.'


Poet's Notes about The Poem

'Your imaginary lines called borders can divide the disputed land, it can neither divide the sky nor any element of nature'
'Nothing on earth belongs to you'.

I started to write this poem in common for the all victims of war, but it ended up relating to the horrific incidents which happened in Srilanka, I tried to collect information from all the possible sources and I've tried to portray only the reality through my words..Dedicated to the souls of innocent victims of war.

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