Clara Potter Soloman

Cloak Of Darkness - Poem by Clara Potter Soloman

Darkness settles over my shoulders,
like a cloak of velvet,
restricting my movements.

Tears roll down my face,
like the rain slowly dripping down the window pane.
I cry these tears for you, for my life.

My life that seems to be breaking into pieces,
Unlike my heart that has been shattered already.

While the sun was up and people could see,
I choked back the tears,
making a lump in my throat.

Finally under this velvet cloak of darkness
I have cried myself out,
Though my heart and throat still ache.

I need to find you.
Through the tears and the darkness
I can neither see nor breathe.

There is no way for me to get to you now.

Leaving here now would be too devastating
For my fragile heart to bear.
Thinking of this makes the tears come again.

After the initial stabbing pain has ceased,
A dull ache will replace it.
A feeling of dread coursing through my entire body.

Now my breathing is heavy as I open the door.
I walk slowly at first,
Unsure of what is really happening.

Rain is pounding down soaking me,
Straight through my sweatshirt and jeans.
My hair is plastered to my face as I begin to jog.
At first I don’t even know where I’m going.
All I know is that it’s unusually cold for October.
And the icy rain feels like a thousand knives.

I am running now.

Now I hear it, a voice.
At once I recognize it as your voice,
Calling to me from a distance.

My footsteps move faster toward the sound.
I can see you now, running toward me.
All this time tears have been mixing with the rain on my face.

By the time I reach you I can no longer stand.
I collapse into your arms sobbing.
You are confused and tell me you heard me screaming your name.
I hadn’t even realized I was, but I must have been.

We stay like this for what seems like a lifetime until my sobs subside.
You scoop me up and carry me home,
Where my mom explains what’s wrong.

I am semiconscious so I can see the look
Of terror and sorrow on your face.

After I change, my mom returns to bed
And you hold me,
Whispering that it will be okay.

This doesn’t convince me because I
Can hear your voice quivering.
Soon that velvet cloak of darkness
Settles back over my shoulders.
And Sleep descends over me.

You carry to my room and put me to bed.
You kiss my forehead and whisper I Love You,
Before quietly leaving my room.

Darkness settles over your shoulders,
Like a cloak of velvet,
Restricting your movements.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 5, 2009

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