Clara Potter Soloman

Au Revior……. - Poem by Clara Potter Soloman

My body is filled with this deep dread
That clenches me tightly rendering me helpless, breathless.
Every time it rises ruthlessly inside me
Tears spill from my eyes.

I often don’t know what to do with this pain I feel.
I am trying to write about it now,
But what I really need to do it tell you about everything,
That way you can tell me what to do about it.

You always know how to make everything better.
My temperament without you is very unstable.

I can’t sleep,
I don’t want to eat,
I don’t talk,
And sometimes I just stare into space and try not to think at all.

Then at night, like tonight, the pain drowns me.
The never-ending tears come.
I only wish I could tell somebody about it all.
I only wish you were here to hold me and listen.

You’re so good at listening,
Although just the sight of you calms me immediately.
I want to tell you everything but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
I don’t want to see the look on your face when I tell you I’m leaving.

It’s not my fault and I know you know that.
I would do anything to stop it if I could.
You give me the strength I need to go on,
But at the same time if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t need it.

I will never regret meeting you
because you taught me some very important things about life and love.
You said that anything is possible,
And that’s what I’m going to remember when I’m gone.

I’m going to say anything is possible,
I’ll see you again someday.
And maybe we will fall in love again.
Perhaps we will never stop loving one another.

Most people would call me a child and say I don’t know a thing about love.
I would tell most people that I probably know more about it than them.

I like to think that we aren’t like most people our age.
I honestly hope not.
I like to think that you really do love me.
I have my reasons to believe that.

My time is nearly up,
Maybe with time this pain will go away.

Until Next Time…….
Au Revior…..

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 5, 2009

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