Clouds Poem by Xavier Thomas


Clouds are a witness
To the glory of God.
They have their feet shod in the preparation of the gospel of peace
Can't you see their pure white fleece
Shedding that coat of many colors
Joseph soaked in blood
For his many brothers
Or his nephews taking refuge in Egypt
Only to be enslaved by a kingship
Unacquainted with the shadow
By which God painted that land's breadth?

Visions wrought in signs
From beginning times
Even my rhymes
Do not shine with that light
But Sun rays light the waters
Steeped in the workmanship
Of the finest potter
The daughter of vapor
Raises high in the sky
JAH on his chariot takes flight
Elijah had quite a front row seat
To a joy so replete with sight
Daniel had a fight with the angels
Seeking how stupendous
The new Shower would be
Showing glorious, mighty, wonderful,

Or how the River Child
Brought the biggest smile
To God of the cities and the wild
His juniors jacked the waste places
Of the ministrators of their own destructions
Despite Balaam's seduction
And the ill productions of the people's wayward hearts
Satan's continual darts
And the upstarts in plain sight
God gave Israel many a respite, but, they, like dandelions, were windswept
In step with lions in the visage of men

In tune, David comes in
Making God's heart beat
Turning King Saul's heart with sweet melody
Better than me I'll say
In turning a blister into a kiss
And dirt into Swiss cuisine
In this he has practice
Yet still speaking things like
God save the king
My Son whom I have Begotten this day
The Lord keeps my way
God forsaking the righteous?
Never seen
His people left lifeless?
Not God's thing
Like Isaiah
I'm enamored
With the glamour of his Son
Like Ezekias
I've been hammered
With the evils that are done
By loved ones and my own sons
Eli could agree
Zephaniah and Zechariah
Saw how Israel came undone
Til Nehemiah and Ezra gave it a little sun
But the Light flew away
Rain come this way
God's got another day
Of Atonement

At that moment
That hillside moment
He shone it:
And the deep dark
Got on its knees
And prayed to JESUS
COSMOS rang with the nails
Hail, King of the Jews! !
Said the angels hearing the good news
Because they knew
That the Romans were Christ chosen noose
His own activity unto life
A hope not a renunciation
A proclamation
Not a silence
A resuscitation of
The dilapidated
An act of mercy
Not a call to violence
A noise heard in an abandoned temple
This pimple moment in history
Still gets to me
Left that skull ivory
With the brilliance of his Glory
Hallelujah Jubilee

His right hand and his strong arm
His high mind and lowly love
His Joyous Spirit and his living heart
God Of the upstarts
And the rebels
Makes the pebbles do their part
Padre gives the best men a jaunt
And his mud soaked hands
Joined my blinded eyes to the hills
Where I saw the leaves shake
With the trills of Victory
Convicting me of his rumblings
With the wicked
He is sickened with how many have been convicted of holding his lamp
He's about to make the ground damp
With a flood of oil
The soil won't bear its fruit
No more
The thistles
Won't a single point
Of them score
On the hands of this new Judge
And jury
With the jewelry of meekness
And resolutions to keep
Silent about how quiet
The officers of the storehouse were
How the people together stirred up
Sand burrs
So that even the little firs couldn't
Have peace
Mamas please
Pleas stir up the Avenger of these
The Husband's enraged
At the advances
Of the hopeless romantics
And their strange tactics
Asking for second chances
Only to savagely lay waste
To the children's pantry
His Soul's planting made frantic
No more arguing pedantics
This is the LIGHTNING

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