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Come And Take Me Away! ! - Poem by d'menz veen

The nite is dark,
and i'm unable to sleep,
I stare around from my bed,
and had a look into the dark emptiness,
the room all painted black,
couple of flickering fireflies,
struggling to lighten dim,
my head, hard against the pillow,
drops of tears wets the cotton,
ocean full of tears, in my eyes,
patience heart, waited for so long,
lastly i returned,
only for you,
keeping my promise,
i'll never meet u,
until you say,
'Come And Take Me Away'
Many years past,
when we're young,
we met, love at first sight,
in the garden of love,
we bloomed colors
we're pair of doves,
always together,
until your mom came,
and took you away,
far from me and far from my sight,
my eyes, searching for you,
since you're gone...
Today, its still searching
lying on my bed,
i ain't sleepy,
my eyes needs your presence,
i'm not sleepy,
and my eyes not gonna do.
lastly friday, i received a letter,
fresh written calligraphy hand,
on it,
a message from my sweetheart,

'so many days had passed
and so many nights i spent alone,
after every blink of my eyes,
i longed to see you,
you kept my promise,
and i'll keep mine,
i belong to you and you
in my heart will always shine,
but time has given us a gap,
u bring back d old time,
i've been waiting for you,
for the day
you'll 'come and take me away' '
the first april rain rained
drops fell on my cottage roof,
i listen to its melody,
the darkness still darkened,
the fireflies escaped
my eyes still wandering for a glimpse,
and the flood still in my eyes,
the night should pass for tomorrow..
Morning, i'll go and bring her with me away..
I'll go, throw all d pains away..
the night passed,
the morning shone gleefully,
i drove to her home,
and parked nearby a large crowd,
i walked slow to the courtyard,
and found her finally,
lying with a white canopy,
her mom's eye raining like summer rain,
deep pain in her face,
love took her away,
today was her wedding day,
red bloods on her right wrist,
my name cut on her left hand,
a white note in red letters, 'he'll come and take me away'
i stood there dead,
wet face with tears,
finally i found her...
giving her life to me...
Her mom looked towards me..
And cried more, like a child,
my sweetheart's voice came whispering to my ears,

'hey jaan, please don't cry,
i gave my everything to you,
please don't cry.
I was yours and will stay as yours...
'u came, and now you take me away' '

i got up abruptly from my bed,
a nightmare,
shook my heart away,
i search'd for my cellphone,
dail'd her number,
said 'hello? '
she replied, 'watz d problem, speak fast, mom is near'
i replied, 'i had a nightmare, losing you'
she in a sweet voice, said,
'don't worry my jaan,
nobody can take me away'
a gulp of saliva passed through
wetting the dry throat....
a sigh of relieve in my heart

i hang'd d call...
Tried to sleep,
staring at the empty room, all dark,
untill d sun came peeping through d ventillation.

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