Come With Bobby Valentino Poem by Wykeshia McCallister

Come With Bobby Valentino

Here I am, all ready to go on a journey
Nobody else but me and Bobby V
'Baby, Come with me' were the his words
I replied 'Yes' which is my answer
He takes me places I've never seen
Experienced plaecs like Japan, Egypt, Beijing
Through it all, he asked me to be with him
So I agreed and I kissed him deep within
On Valentine's Day, our time was so lovely
We're in the tub of rose pedals and got bubbly
On his birthday, I baked him a BV cake
And we went to the club to celebrate
We were looking so beautiful for Easter Sunday
And spend our time with our parents on Mother's and Father's Day
4th of July was a fun day for us in St. Lucia
Afterward, we crusied down to the Bahamas
On Sweetest Day, We're eating and licking some sweets
Bobby V really swept me off my feet
On my birthdaym he propsed to me
A diamond promise ring was the gift I recieved
I was his lady vampire on Halloween
He's my Vampire of Atlanta, so sexy on ths scene
We're always thankful to each other on Thanksgiving Day
And we've shared our time together on Christmas Day
As we kicked back and counted the stars at night
I knew coming with Bobby V was so right
On New Year's Day, I prayed for him to be mine
As wefly to heaven and be on cloud 2009
A Special Occasion with Bobby V was a treat for me
And The Rebirth was the quest when he says, 'Come With Me.'

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