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Come Ye Belligerent Ones - Poem by King Midas

Come ye belligerent ones
Load up on guns-
Let's play war,
It'll be so much fun.
Until the day is done,
And somebody’s hurt
Or your country man's dead
Laying in the dirt-
Brave blood on his shirt

Oh come ye belligerent ones!
Let's destroy families
And cause genocide!
Your brothers have died.
All for a goal,
Of a tyrant or king;
Or the general of an army.
Just another death,
One last meaningless breath.
I guess life's just a game
That can blow up in flames-
If you anger another man
He can kill ya just for his cause-
Why can't we all just pause
And bring about peace
Let's just all cease
And save some lives,
some distressed wives,
And the children please.
Don't cause suffering!
Why can't we all just get along,
And love one another-
Every sister and every brother,
Let's just keep love strong
And sing a love song
Until it is dawn
Peace is what we need
Somebody has to plea!
To save ourselves.
Do you understand
Why you have to shoot another man?
Just think about his dad,
How it'll hurt him so bad
And imagine his mom
Oh how she will sob.
She didn’t ask for a war
But she still lost,
Why is ones life the only cost?
Why do we all want blood?
A sadistic lust!
Let’s let the world populate,
Wouldn’t that be just great?

Come ye belligerent ones
Come one by one
Let’s all make friends
And love till the end
I guess this is pretend
Why else would we send
Our sons and daughters to pay?
And to lay and waste
What would your father say?
If he knew you had killed?
Would he be thrilled?
Would he congratulate you?
Or would he be blue?
Just what did that soldier boy do
To make you go through
And make him lay in the sand
Did it make you feel like a man?
You’re just a puppet in this plan,
To killing say no,
That would be so bold!
Don’t let the stench of murder
Linger on your breath,
The fresh scent of death.
Do you want to forget
The whites of his eyes
When he paid the price,
When he gave his life for another man?

Well now you can't
It's forever in your memories
A man laying and shivering
Choking on his own blood
What a great way to die!
I guess it's easy to choose
Between yours and his life.
How about your leader?
His on the battle field too?
Or is he in an office
Or at the local saloon?
A worthless poltroon
Just barking out commands
Look deep in his in eyes
I bet that he can't.
He's responsible for that.

It's time to stop this war!
It's time to move on
People come and people go
A night ends with a new day's dawn
In this game you don't have to be a pawn
So just be traveling on
Take off the camouflage
Bullets are meant for the hunt, not for another man to dodge

Oh Come ye belligerent ones
Let's throw in the flag
Someone else's money just isn't worth all of that.

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