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Comet The Reindeer - Poem by Jesus Christ

Once there was a reindeer called Comet. He lived in the North Pole in Santa’s Workshop with seven other reindeer. One night while Santa was delivering presents it was extremely foggy and windy. He needed help. So what does santa do, he gets Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to clear the path and Rudolph was Santa’s favorite reindeer and Comet couldn’t have been more jealous. Comet knew the only reason that Santa like Rudolph the best was his red nose so Comet went on a quest to find way to get a colored and bright nose. He found a doctor who claimed he could change his nose to be colored and bright. His name was Dr. Robotnik and he did but it was black and wasn’t that bright so he went to Dr. Wily, another close by doctor. He got it colorful but not bright. Finally he went to Dr. Mario, another closeby doctor. He got it bright and colorful. It was blue and bright. Comet went back to the North Pole and showed Santa. Santa still liked Rudolph more. Comet knew he had to do something so he challenged Rudolph to a race. “First one to the edge of that cliff wins”. They started running as fast as they could but Rudolph was winning so Comet stopped and lucky for Comet Rudolph couldn’t stop himself in time so he fell off the cliff, but unlucky for Comet, Rudolph knew how to fly so he flew back up from the bottom of the cliff. Santa was very mad at Comet and intrigued with Rudolph.”Don’t you know I hate the color blue”, Santa said to Comet.”This just got personal”, Comet said to himself.
Next December Santa was obsessed with Rudolph even more than he was a year ago. “I bet Santa would want only Rudolph to pull the sleigh on Christmas”, said Comet to Blitzen.”We can’t make that happen. we need to do something”, Blitzen said. “Like what? ” Comet asked. “I’ve got it. Someone needs to cause a distraction while we get rid of Rudolph”, Blitzen said.”Okay, I’ll cause the distraction while everyone else goes and gets rid of Rudolph”, Blitzen said.
It was a few days before Christmas and the reindeer were going through with the plan. Santa was in his office with rudolph obsessing over him twice as much. “Rudolph is the worst reindeer to ever exist on the face of the earth”, Blitzen said loudly and clearly so santa could hear him.”What? ” Sant said. “I said Rudolph is the worst reindeer on the face of the earth and don’t make me repeat myself”, Blitzen said twice as fast. “WHAT! ” Santa screamed as his eyes turned a complete shade of black as he got up, burst straight through the door not even bothering to turn the knob and sprinted head on at Blitzen. “Uh-oh”, Blitzen said as he started running as fast as he could for his life. “Go Comet, get rid of Rudolph”, Blitzen said but made the failed mistake of having Santa hear him. “What this was all a scam? You’ll pay for saying that.” Santa said as he turned around to save Rudolph. He went through the hole in his office door to see all the reindeer have Rudolph in a bag as they escaped through the window. “Yes! ” Blitzen shouted as he saw the reindeer escaped through the window. Unluckily for Comet his nose glowed bright blue so Santa could track where they were going. Santa grabbed a rocket launcher and took his aim. First shot was a miss along with the next few. “Comet”, Blitzen screamed, ” Make the shot hit Rudolph”. “ I can’t”, Comet shouted as he dodged another rocket, “this is supposed to be a kids book”. “Are you serious? ” Blitzen screamed “This has Rudolph almost falling off a cliff, Santa going psycho, and Santa trying to shoot Comet with a rocket launcher, I think we passed kids book a while ago so do it”, screamed Blitzen. “Okay” Comet shouted as he tried to hit rudolph with a rocket. “What? ” Santa said to himself, “this’ll be easier than I thought I better go rapid fire.” The rockets came quicker and quicker and Comet and Santa kept on missing. “One shot left, ” said Santa, “Let’s make it count”. The shot did count - for Comet because the shot hit Rudolph, and he died. The Comet threw Rudolph down a cliff.
“Yes! ”, Santa said not knowing he shot Rudolph and not Comet. Santa went back into the workshop along with Comet. “What? ” Santa said in surprise to see Comet, “but you’re dead”. “Then what am I doing here? ” Comet said. “I don’t know because I shot the crud out of you with my rocket launcher”. “No”, said Comet, ”You shot Rudolph”. “What? ” said Santa. “You shot Rudolph”, said Comet, ” And then I threw him off a cliff”.”You didn’t”, said Santa”. “I did”, said Comet getting louder. “Why you little, thing”, said santa grabbing his rocket launcher shooting rapid fire at Comet. Comet kept dodging all the shots. “Calling all elves”, Santa said into a microphone so all the elves could hear. “Bring all your weapons so you can finish Comet. Comet started flying out of the workshop as fast as he could with Blitzen until they found an igloo.
“We need to get rid of Santa too”, said Blitzen in shock. “Yeah we do! ” said Comet, “he tried to kill me”. “We probably don’t have too long before the elves find us and break the entire igloo”, Blitzen said. “Did you hear that? ” Comet asked. “Hear what”, Blitzen replied. “There it is again” said Comet, ” I think it’s the elves”. They both ran out of the igloo. “it’s them! ” said Comet, “Run, or, fly is what I meant! ” they both started flying away dodging all the elves bullets. “We’ve got to get back to the workshop and finish this”.
They flew away to a secluded grocery store. “Why are we here? ” Blitzen asked. “Something”, Comet said mischievously, ” Here”. “What? ” Blitzen said in confusion, “A bomb”. “Yep”, Comet said, ” We’re gonna throw it down Santa’s throat and he’ll die. Then the elves will obey us hopefully”. “Yeah but what if they don’t, ” Blitzen asked. We kill them too, ” Comet said, ” but there’s no way to tell if they will, so, we’ll have upgrade this bomb to nuke and blow up the whole workshop, grab all the bodies, make sure they’re dead, and chuck ‘em off a cliff.” “Why the cliff? Blitzen asked. “Because it’s my thing”. “Okay”, Blitzen said in confusion.
“We need to get everyone by the fireplace so they’re for sure dead. I’ll throw the nuke down the chimney and BOOM! All dead.” Comet said. “I’ll get everyone by the fireplace, run outside and lock the door, give the signal, and you throw it down, making sure it is lit.” Blitzen said. “Oh I will”, Comet said confidently, “Let’s go finish this”.
“Everyone! ” Blitzen shouted, “There is a grand show by the fireplace”. “Let’s go”, everyone shouted. Blitzen opened the door as everyone walked in. “This everyone! ” Blitzen shouted so everyone could hear him, “Yes, okay. Bye the show will start - NOW! ! ” At the sound of now really loudly Comet dropped the nuke as Blitzen ran for his life. BOOM POW AHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! all the people died except Comet and Blitzen. “Alright, grab all the bodies and put them in sacks. Then we’ll get to the cliff” Comet said. “Three - Two - ONE! ” Comet screamed as they both threw them of the cliff and they were all for sure dead.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Comet rules. Santa doesn't

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