Conformed Mind Poem by Adrian Wait

Conformed Mind

Rating: 4.5

Conformed Mind
Objective in your blindness
Wearing a stained glass smile
Stalking your career
As you travel each mile
Zacharias ascends
Climbing to see Christ?
Or absorbed in your ambition
Too busy to comfort the hurting
Exclusive seminars to attend
Insured in your luxury, detached
Ignorant of paradox
Awareness fed through meetings
To impress Peers and betters
Far from the madding crowd
Deaf indeed are those who refuse to listen
Onward and upward the same old song
Indifference shines in your ambition
Your wisdom, Your Education
Unaware of servant hood
Where to serve is to Listen
And to listen is to Serve
Lost, nay abandoned
In abstract intellectualism
Bankrupt of compassion
Objectivity a counterfeit excuse
Presented to restore comfort
An illusion of engagement
Sheep the distraction, surplus,
Extras, even pawns in your play
I, Me, Mine, comfortably numb
Managerial and Career focused
Lost in individual development
Immediate is the enemy of the urgent
Sharpening a career on trapped lives
Never stopping to wash their wounds
Heal their pain or quench their thirst
Onward and upward higher you climb
Wrapped in the Shepherd’s new clothes,
feigning love whilst collecting stars
Spiritual advisor replaced by life coach
Self made, self-wisdom, self-absorbed
Bishop’s chair an ism achieved
Disengaged allies comfort you
Yet, in Your Heart You Know
Moment of decision, the distance
Between vocation and career
Melody of indifferent chords
Feigned objectivity is a callous mask
Frozen indifference behind your smile
You cows of Bashan offer false sacrifice
Lying liar lies best when feigning love
Deception is a foul and rotting fruit
Lest my judgement seem harsh
You alone aware of your mask
God alone knows the heart
Where is your treasure?
Friend of the Crowd
Who do you serve?
Or do you pass by
Wise in your eyes
Conformed Mind

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