He Wept… Poem by Adrian Wait

He Wept…

Rating: 5.0

For the broken, the disguarded
Somebody's, nobody knows
He wept for the Widow, Orphan
And He wept for the lonely too
For the young and for the old
For the poor, abandoned figures
That blend into the scenery
Visible injustice made invisible
The unseen slaves of poverty
In a world of plenty, He wept
For the Greedy too, for the none
So blind, the passer-by, for theirs
Will be the highest price
In a world turned upside down

He wept at all the anger,
That bitterness consumed
The fury of the powerless
And, arrogance of the doomed
He wept for their lack of dignity
Knowing, seeing, duplicity of power,
He wept for the Windrush
He wept for Grenfell Tower
As fire swept the cladding
He wept for those inside
He wept at powers arrogance too
Not hiding but gloating, in their pride
Too wise in the own eyes, for
They did know, they cannot hide

None so wise in wisdoms hour
And, in time they cannot heed
He wept, this man of sorrows
And on the Cross, did bleed
He wept; He died for our tomorrows
Crushed by mammon's greed
Yet in the East the Land is bright
Joy Rises to meet their need,
Powerless they shall rise again
Sorrow for the night indeed
Yet, joy comes in the Morning
Burying us, not aware we were seed
Truth crushed to earth shall rise
And there will be no more tears

Adrian Wait

MAHTAB BANGALEE 26 January 2023

Truth crushed to earth shall rise And there will be no more tears /// just greatly penned; I enjoyed

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Jayne Louise Davies 25 January 2023

Very powerful write. Top marks***** Thanks for sharing.

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