Shadow in the Night

Confusion - Poem by Shadow in the Night

My stomach hurts,
My hearts in pain.
I just wanna cry,
oh I wish it'd rain.

Then I could let the tears stream down,
and no one would see all my fears.
How did he hurt me?
Where did I find all these fears.

Maybe in the thought of losing him,
I lost myself.
That's were I must have gone numb,
Where I lost myself.

No one gets through this barrier,
But somehow he did.
'I don't care' I say,
Oh who will that kid.

I like him this close,
I think.
I want to forget it happened,
I think.

I miss his smile,
His bad driving.
I miss his weird style,
And his funny faces.

But I don't think he misses me,
No im sure he doesn't.
But how could it be,
That, him of all people, lied to me.

I'll hide behind my smile,
And my fake laughs.
Because for awhile,
I need to be confused.

I need to think this through,
Because I don't know what to do!
I can't breathe right now,
And the pain won't go away.

It sits in my heart,
And I don't know why.
Cause I thought no one could hurt me.
I guess that was a lie.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 17, 2012

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