Connect The Dots Poem by Stephanie Starr

Connect The Dots

Rating: 5.0

The dots appear
I want them to disappear
So clueless, so unclear

I sketch a line from one to another
Like a duckling following its mother
Oh, how can this belong to any other?

It is simple, just follow the dots
Without much of a plot
So why cant I get through this thought?

I can’t find the meaning of it all
Before my thoughts start to tumble and fall
And my voice bounces while I call

I just keep pushing along
Like an endless inspirational song
It’s so simple yet its been so long…

Since Ive stepped back and looked at things
From a different side of the ring
Since I've stopped and looked behind
At the trail I have left, one that was said to be kind
Since I've looked ahead to more lines to be drawn
An endless connect the dots at the crack of dawn

Since I looked forward to seeing the picture in the end
The one that I look down apon, the one to hope it lends.

Jeffrey Knox 11 August 2009

DAMN! once again very creative i love ya train of thought how you focus on one subject and twist it around into a real life situation that somebody else can understand.. it has so many meanings to it...i love the poem.. -J.K (new poems posted)

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Branden Aeling 30 July 2009

i love the wording in this one. then again im a sucker for a good rhyme scheme

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Keith Hendrickson 29 July 2009

nice flow. this is a great start.. i cant wait to read more.

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