Me And The Sparrows Poem by Stephanie Starr

Me And The Sparrows

Rating: 4.5

There are some things in life I cannot explain, he says through his tears
But why does he cry? He sings me lullabies
Which keep away the darkness and the crime, the monsters in the night
What could hurt him? Who would dare?
He is all that I am, and yet I am aware

That roses grow thorns to keep away the pain
A knife to a gun, a form of Novocain
A beautiful pattern, a hopeful lie
A source of protection in a chance to survive
Weaved around one another,
Watching out for each other
But when the knife comes, they cannot hide
From the vases where they live out their last strides
Their beauty deceives them, that is where they go wrong
But if not, the cold will get them
And bring them down to the depths
Where they preside peacefully
And sing of the best summer yet

He walks me to the theater where I will hide behind the curtain
And wait to perform a perfect sequence
I will smile wide but it is behind that smile I will hide
All the grief and sorrow I see in his eyes
What makes him cry?
Am I not enough? Do I not try?
Later, he will sing me a song that keeps the fire alight
I never noticed the hidden meanings in them
But they were there, all along
All in one song

I capture the light to bring to you tonight
My net is long and I give a hard fight
But there is no light now
No one taught me how
So you can turn to the darkness
To get the glory you need
And when you are full of emptiness
You can come and see me
Cause I capture the light,
But not here, it is not right
To give you nothing
when you should have the world
But you are my watch
Letting me know how long I have to go
You are a butterfly
I catch you in my net
And I won’t let you die
No I wont let you die
Not without the light
So stay with me tonight

I always stay with him, I always will, doesn’t he know that?
Shhh, he tells me, and strokes my cheek
Let us not speak of what will surely make us bleak
I do not reside, and his eyes open wide
He screams out in pain of holding it all inside
And begins to cry as he tells me that I will die
I am emotionless, because I am his butterfly
Yes I am his butterfly
The cancer may take me, but it will not take me far from him
I do not need to live, but he cannot die
No he cannot die
Cause then so will his lullaby
So I tell him

It’s me and the sparrows
We will fly high and seek the light
To catch it for you tonight
Yes, it’s me and the sparrows
But I will use an arrow
To kill the light, to set it right
You won’t have to chase it down
It will always be around
Even when I’m not, even when I’m gone
You won’t have to remember me
Because you’ll have the light
Oh yes, you’ll have the light
I am your angel tonight.

Branden Aeling 13 December 2009

love it. amazing poem

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Tom Bates 28 August 2009

the poem is really good, but those last few lines are great

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