Conversations Poem by Bob Bowers


How sweet it is
Listening to my wife
Talking on the phone with
Our daughter
Bubbles of laughter
“Really? ” she says—
To what I wonder.

It is a joy to me,
A man who cannot communicate well
After a life of communicating always
In the work I did,
After a life
Among men who
Tell each other
How the world should run,
Who should be allowed to do what
To his body
Or hers,
Who should be able to shoot whom
And how,
The voices incessant,
A cacophony of ideas
Claiming the future is ours
When it is their own
They seem to proclaim most earnestly.

Earlier she talked with our
Youngest daughter,
Spoke of jobs and apartments
And friends
And the little things in life
That call you back to
Yesterday’s youth.

It is the sound of women’s voices
That makes the world seem right,
Hearing only one end of the
While my inner ear hears both,
Stirs up in me a smile,
Warms me.

A mother talking to her daughters.
A daughter talking to her mother.
What better food is there
To feed the soul.

February 1,2004 (rev.10/7/09)

Ben Gieske 11 October 2009

I find enjoyment and worthwhile thoughts in this poem which I can identify with. It is always beautiful to watch others truly sharing. It is both satisfying and disappointing to see others doing what we cannot do or no longer do and wish we could do. We realize that somethings are the result of invested time and we can't go back any more. The opportunity is lost. Crossing over to the other generation helps us see two worlds that are quite different. As Lillian points out, I don't think we ever really are finished with all of this.

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Lillian Thomas 07 October 2009

It has some good lines, but something tells me you aren't finished with it yet.

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