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____nothing glamorous, a lady
_____ walking down the stairs


In the multitude
between the cacophonies

(inspired by John Latham's art, 'The N-U Niddrie Heart')

I awoke in a stream of rays,
laid my Pregnant Survivor’s Manual

moon shadow
the little gray mouse
edges toward the cheese

are like water a stream

endlessly flowing

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Where are you hiding me?
That face is not the one I recall.
It’s not the me I seem to be.

(dedicated to Meggie Gultiano)

deep from within
arises from a flaming core

Ev’ry morning we glory to see the sun
breakfast the day with its yolk of golden ways
when birds are happiest to sing their songs.
What is new is sure to get our welcome

........................It’s a butterfly day.
...............Not yet what color can I say.

.................The rain has just subsided.

under the dogwood
leaves cover
a cat’s grave

(painting by Dennis Sheehan)

As the sun silently slips behind a clump of trees,
saying goodbye to its day-long spent energy

This morning the sun spattered the world with blue
Skies and from their resting places the winds blew

In reply. Now around us we see blue jays,

to my face
your warmth I feel

We will build a tower
With unbridled spring-water attitudes
Flowing with fires of charity
For all the suffering multitudes

the clouds
................dark in the horizon
..............................prepare for departure


over the hill
a river of fog
flooding the valley

freshly fallen snow
no tracks to follow
no dreams


An ambrosial blue
awakens its eyes
petal by petal

I went to Japan and met a Samurai
Who lived in the mountains which were very high.
He was a master of the art of origami.
He made a thousand paper cranes just for me. *

away with all this seriousness
truth can be a sinful senseless mess

Just want to be a happy poet

Ben Gieske Biography

I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As a former teacher, preacher, program director and grant writer, words have always occupied my time and efforts. I find poetry a challenge providing needed brain activity, enjoyment, and satisfaction. I hope to add to someone else's enjoyment as well. Some of my poems were published in Words Words Words; moonset THE NEWSPAPER, and HaikuWorld. Others will be published in foam: e, poetic hours, Pink Chameleon, Language and Culture, and The Tangled Web.)

The Best Poem Of Ben Gieske

“nude Descending A Staircase”

____nothing glamorous, a lady
_____ walking down the stairs
______ what women do every day
_______ in any house
________ descending
_________ no Jacob’s ladder
__________ this “angel” of flesh
___________ “gift” of God to males
____________ dreaming
_____________ Dare we think we’re so special?
______________ She’s the/
_______________ artist, the/
________________ teacher, the/
_________________ creator, the/
__________________ goddess
___________________ in our midst
____________________ May Spring time come
_____________________ for this revelation

Ben Gieske Comments

Meggie Gultiano 17 December 2008

You are very kind, Sir Ben.And yes, today and forever, too, i will be reading your piece. I have been reading your writes a year ago, and now that i am back, I will continue to read again.I am in awe of your talents..I tip my hat.. God bless you. Love and hugs, Meggie

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Egi David Perdana 30 October 2008

today, and everyday I will only read your poems mr. ben

7 2 Reply
Valerie L. Martin 28 January 2008

Your writing is beatiful. Keep up the exceptional work. ^__^

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Ben Gieske Popularity

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