Conversive Display Poem by Robert Hilary

Conversive Display

Delving into the space between spaces, I see the great complexities of creation, until within sudden elation I find within my revelation the understand that there in lies. That my heart may whistle to the tune of what I find inside the depths of not knowing and the space behind, in which my wisdom and intellect unfold, to come to fruition and that in my minds eye I behold. What is within me borne new and old the wisdom, of the understanding within my soul, and I feel within my depth until I come to the core, where I dwell within my center, and reside ever more, for I am a free within my understanding of knowing not, I feel alive as I thrive within the realizations of what is sought, and I am not, tempered by illusion, as I grow within sounded mind and heartfelt understanding I feel within grace, intellect resounding and in my mind I know the truth, that has dwelled with me since my youth, of the fruits of inner wisdom. My inner knowing abounds, and inner understanding resides deep within, and as I understand and realize the depth within I begin to contemplate the complexities that lie within and I know, that what is in my heart is truth, the truths upon which I dwell, as I wonder and rue, to what is within me, and what is unseen, what is before me, in the space between, and I know, that I do not know, and in my not knowing I grow. And as the seeds to why are sown, the answer to the questions are shown and the wisdom of truths answer resides in my blood and bones, for it illuminates my soul. Creating within me a resounding note, of an epiphany realized, within the coming sensation of intellect actualized, that I find within my heart the answers I seek, and in my answers, I find the truth to seek, that in seeking the truth I find the wisdom within, to find the answers inside, from within from within, and in knowing the truth of the understanding within my soul I become wholly realized within the notes of my soul and I understand with clarity the passion beneath that inside my being, pulses with rhythm and seethes, of a poetry of a deeper intellect, in which I dwell. And in my words under my pen, I write and spell. The essence of the truth within my heart, that I dearly hold within my art, as I behold the power of the passionate play, in this conversive display in which I relay, my inner play of the deeper depth of spirit, in which I find realizations so strong, I am wizened, to the deeper heart of truth within the truth of my eyes and in the knowing of the light that burns within I hear the music of the flames of my inner heart, which beats with a sound so profound the beating of its drums pulses my blood into awakening that I am quickened by the drumming there of, and in my heart I find, strength, illumination and love, that I realize within my self the depth within me and and who I am as I become the strength within me and what I am as I behold, the truth of I am, the inner depth of my spirit as I see myself in the light of the colors that clothe my beautiful form, I am the center of calm, I am the expanding wilderness, I am the billowing storm. I am the maelstrom, the tranquility of silence, I am the center of understanding, and the truth of illusive perception. I am the integrated higher notes of the deeper self realized, I am the epitaphy, of sensually, passionately, unfolding beneath the warm breath of the life within my being. I am the centerfold of the this, in which in my I am I remain and persist, and it is not with cold eye I gaze upon the horizon, of my origin, in which I begin within the center of the first breath and the last, but it is the heartfelt heated kiss of mine soul upon creators lips that baers fruit of the soul in which I do not resist, for I am a kindred of the light within, a spirit, of the heights within, a child with loving grace, unbridled faith, who lusts with my senses after the taste, of the divine birthed within me, like a seed in the fertile soil of my deepest inner heart, which I am joined with in union not apart, and it is from this seed that the divine whispers softly into my soul, as the wisdom profound of the divines words water the seed and I begin to grow, as I plant a thousand seeds my love to sow that in the ever shaking breath before the next heated kiss I place my lips upon creators lips and with a shaking kiss, so eager with love I lock my lips upon him with love, and I am ever comforted by the warmth of his embrace, that wraps around me, like a light with warmth so piercingly profound it warms me to the very center of my soul, as my lips locked with his he kisses me in return, and every kiss I strive to earn, as I burn and yearn for another kiss still, feeling within me the longing for gods wine on my tongue I drink fully, I drink deeply, I drink greedily. Gulping down the smooth, sweet liquid of his love, of which there Is no wine sweeter, until I am drunk and deeply sated, by the thickest, sweetest wine that drips from my lips after a kiss divine, and I am wholly contentedly satisfied.

Conversive Display
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