Courage Poem by Corey Fauchon


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Courage is what makes us
Courage is what divides us
Courage is what drives us
Courage is what stops us

Courage creates news
Courage demands more
Courage creates blame
Courage brings shame

Courage shows in school
Courage determines the cool
Courage divides the weak
Courage pours out like a leak

Courage puts us on a knee
Courage makes us free
Courage makes us plea
Courage helps us flee

Musa Ochieng 09 July 2010

Wow! What a nice & encouraging poem. I like it & very educative keep it up. Musa.

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Kevin Russell 24 April 2012

Hey I loved this poem reminds me of Braveheart I wish I could see more poems like this at

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Joseph P. Mulligan Jr. 10 April 2012

this poem brings my life and service to God, Man and America

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Ann Nixon 07 November 2012

It was alright i think it lacks creativity. But thats just my opinion and everybody knows what those are like...I leave it at that.

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Alex Deacon 07 January 2013

how does courage create news?

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FOR you

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Rice Gum 12 February 2018

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mudan 29 January 2018

courage is what makes us

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courage is when someone does something bravely without fear of death... good poem

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Stephanie Gloyd 10 May 2014

Very interesting view on courage!

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Corey Fauchon

Corey Fauchon

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