Curtains Poem by Wilson Tinotenda Waison


One morning as the cock crawled, that dawn was splendid. It was midwinter. The snowstorm breezed slowly and its depression was sensational. A cold night it had been. Birds sang by my doorstep, singing sweet melodies. Melodies that were perceived in that deep sleep, I woke. Awake. Awaking to a new genesis, a hope that was bored by the sunrise, ascending…
I took a quick bathe, rinsed my peel. Done. Then I consumed a bowl of cereal carbohydrates for energies, I redeemed. Then decided to stroll since I had nothing of interest and mine fate to have been tempered with, twisted and renounced. Each day bored me toils, turmoil though I was crafty, the situation became jaunts, adventures, expeditions of that sort…

Nevertheless, the thought that maybe tomorrow would mold a dissimilar kept me going. It had been three solid years since I left high school, resilient in that economic hardship alike a ship in distress, oh that was mine crafted shipwreck indeed.
Though wit, I strategized a scheme and would spent most of my day hours in the CBD selling my home made butter. That was productive as it would swell my pockets daily, monthly and years past. Self-sustaining was the main agenda at the moment. Lately I could summon a quorum and plundered the proceeds, a bounty of my toil.

By then, even factories had closed, warehouses collapsing, the chimney corroding and its smog was now a mystery. Never to be perceived. Nevertheless I had that day to waste once more. It was my typical off day; I just wished to ease all that agitation days brought. Surely it had become a sapping lifestyle I had adopted due to the fiscal problems.
Two blocks away from my home, I saw this young lady; our eyed collided and instantly felt that magic. Oh! My blood fused in a rush and pierced my heart. Moments past. Both stared at each, she posed a smile equated to a cupid's arrow. She was so acute, I felt that, I never risked a blink, my visions resembled a diva - she was hot. I could stand her.

Precious yonder mos. past, staring at that girl and I then stepped.
"Hello Beauty" faintly I dared
"Hi" patiently she responded
In my mind, all I saw was this splendid panoramic later episode, readily on a prom night I imagined. That entire imaginary figment was recaptured yet again and again. I hallucinated in broad day light. I took an extra poke then she knew I was interested to explore more on her.
"I am Tynoe…never met, are you new in the hood" I interrogated in an inquisitive tone
"Yeah" she responded
"Chantelle by the way, nice to meet you"
To my surprise she wasn't that hard to get her into a conversation, alike other girls she was so free
"Well nice to know you, Chanty" I bellowed, not at ease. She then took pace; she all of a sudden vanished. Now all I could perceive was that tatty retention, her milky white teeth, her smiles to have eased my agitation and froze all that matter. I did fantasize.
Reminiscing utmost the gaze behind her maze, so sultry and her waist below rambling, that only add more to my fantasy.
To think of her, she became a figment of my mind, yet still a misconception to have drawn miscellaneous episodes of her maze and all that to have stimulated what I could not define. I craved for her but it was this damned game. Till we meet again.

Days past, I had not forsaken my market, I brawled for a living, surely it is still a ceaseless brawl to attain a better living. To live lavish was a desire. I made my sells daily and proud I was. Never did I lost hope or was ashamed of my 10 points at Advanced General Certificate Examination. An adventure only to cherish though, it would have been bright with that sort of emancipation but the brother had took advantage of me readily. The thoughts were of enhancing my studies at a local university.
Humanities as I had elected readily. I was poised between two situations now, disillusionment and discomfort appeared so irksome. To add on my misery, I was drawn close to this emotional realm, a battlefield of affections. Oh the deed worsened my fate.

My resilience was becoming weary gradually, losing hope in that economic depression, a burden imposed to my shoulders. Even the PRESS had it that

Retrenchment rates had rose drastically from the negative stagnant phase to its extremes, Transnational enterprises forced to close due to unpopular investment policies
Universities yet to close because of shorthand and
Little resource stuff vacant
1st lady sued for assault

All that accounted to my displeasure. Concerns were not to be discussed. Somber was the state of affairs in the domain. Surely my intimates had mocked this progeny, oh what a fate. The dusk approached. It had been days since I last met that girl. I slept anxious about her maze, agonizing with emotions at the other side of the coin I also felt the pain inflicted by circumstances. Even the muddled economies reframed most of my misery.
I wet dreamt about her, to realize I was enamored. Another pleasant dawn. About to go to work. I dressed. Suited to kill, a disguise in the hood, even the rumors had it that I was employed at a well-established enterprise though I passed wiles so deceitful in a bid to construct firm at home. Gentle I appeared and never did I fail my routine. As I paced to the carport, coincidentally I bumped into her once again.
"Chanty right..." I insisted
"Hi Tynoe" was her response. She remembered me, I was stunned
"How are you this morning? Last time you were in a rush, I never got the chance to tell how your gaze pounced my fragile heart" I laughed
"Is it so dear…"
I was stunned my gaze glanced to her well resembled body so decorated, in her lenient dress, it revealed every detail of her slenderness
"Yes my dear, would you mind if I take you for dinner tonight? " I requested in a hesitant tone.
She stood quit for moments then she whispered,
"Won't I be slayed by your girlfriend? " I knew that was a big yes

I went to work and brawled alike every other day. It was time and I drove home. The dusk came with better prospects, I contacted her and picked her at her gate. We went out at a local restaurant for dinner, we danced to the soft music and that was my first contact with Chanty. I felt her behind so fluffy as we cuddled, her prom dress revealed more than it concealed. I could not let go of this diva.
The trick had worked, reconnaissance, a day out. All was left you know, obviously the mystical episode of revulsion. Oh! I had a blast and now that she took advantage of me, I did give in. One more dance and we went home. It was late so she had to hibernate…

Moments past, as we chit chatted. I was getting to know her a little bit. Pleasant was the glance at her well wiggly torso, it was a glance of immortal existence in minds. Oh! Her thought did graced, yes it pleased a soul though now not equated to her presence.
All mine fantasy became a reality, why could I wet dream that pleasant night. Leaking her, I embraced, then we rushed for a shower. Blessed was this night.
As we skinned, her tawny peel so soft I felt overwhelmed as she graced the bathe. Under the shower, osculating with passionate caress, fumbling every detail of her body tardily. The deed brought the sensation to undress…
I felt her mammary glands slowly drilling my chest. Oh! What a feeling, a sensational experience. I wiped her as she did the same then resort to my couch. We lay, both struggling for breathe. As I seek warmth in her pouch, I felt a slice of heaven on earth. The act sapped all my energies. I closed curtains to endure that endeavor, a black salvation.



Wilson Tinotenda Waison

St. Mary's clinic, Chitungwiza Harare Zimbabwe
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