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African Pride

Africa my Africa

Now on a lonely path
Got served by the oath
With concealed emotions
For she now care less, proved by her actions

To have stood firmly a cosmopolitan argue
Zimbabwe politics turns an ulcerative colitis
So inflicting to its blind fold masses in rage


Ever not to spit a word or seem to care
My wrath hast flared at once, You lost
All that blazing trust I had induced, Rare
Be thine affectionate passions to trust.

Was it meant to be so complex tough
Or merely a battle ground of emotions
Both ends tires no difference so rough
Wrath and insanity to denote passions.

Will ever life be fairly schemmed?
If it was a screen play I would dare
The act, your role young lion. Grief
Is all what I afford to pay you bro.


No one is less important in crafting
Our Nation forth. As one lets stride
In reshaping our prospects daily in
Propell the notion in motion sisters

Such is love when deep in a flash, without
A clue tomorrow spells or ever the thought
Seem to craft, Alas turns wrathfulwithout
Notices. Emotions vapourise alike draught.

Take it for a game, I break all the rules
Or even for a maze, I collapse the walls
Ever be there a blank space, I will writ
Your name from the drips of my heart


The clock did its mystical art
And the pod cracked to out
The seed bred between the shell
At displeasure,alike a gazelle


Is this mine prospects? Oh a curse
Damn be this ethos bite so sour to
Fail the brothers conscience with it
Life spelt a dilemma. Alas, is this life

Dear commissar
My poetry is filled with agitation and grievances.
To have stood amid, betwixt disillusionment and
Displeasure before. This plea seek not immunity

To have drunk from the plague cups
Of impetuosity relactantly sipped all
Not to have realised that his phrases
Would wierd the matter that  phase

My poetry is a loud sounding nothing
As it is filled with more poetic justice
Yet in the domains there's no divine…

My intimates you mocked and scored
With your encounter the domain is left
In discontent, displeasure and bored

Ghetto diaries
On the stoop of the bluff
I howl deviations
In a muffled loud voice

To resume on where you left
Our home now a forlorn citadel,
The bloody fields you ceased
In your toil, a quest to sovereignty

A detainee to the imaginary penitentiaries
With the unleashed zeal to breakaway
This is my providence, warped indeed
And renounced.chromatics flares

As I stripped off the rag
My peel to the piercing breeze
With its blows descent, I felt that
Winter blizzard. A leap to redemption

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A son of an electronic engineer and a manicurist, The first in a family of two, little sister Annah. Attended to Zengeza high school studying humanities and major literature in linguistic Advanced level certificate. The founder of Deem.lit.org and also a member of Ghetto Diarries. Currently a student at Open Learning Centre studying ACCA)

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African Pride

African Pride

Africa my Africa
To have poised the
Kin between many
Crowns and masters

Africa my Africa
To have impeded all
The confidence and
Bored political ulcers

Africa my Africa
To have  loated all
The proccedes meant
For progressivism

Africa my Africa
To have stood us
A rinsed pride in
The southern domains

Africa my Africa
To have crafted
A profanity so
Irkesome and inflicts

Africa my Africa
My intimates sang of
Tis time we hallow
Alas, Changes.

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Petty thief Pretty theft A dollar bill Ceased.

There is nothing so dearer than a death bed Even the French man crafted the Guillotine All I percive now are heads from the basket Mine yet to drop in the pool, blood stained.

If ever be it politics, I dare utmost to rig Or to pleadge a manifesto so complex To vote my fantasy as it was in dreams

Love and compassion turns a necessity. Though tis an untamed force. When I try to controĺ it, it destroys me. When I try to imprison it, it enslaves me. When I try to understand it, it leaves me feeling lost and confused. Unlike a dog, I bite those I love yet the great the love the greater the tragedy too.

Is it not love that hurts yet Still the amour evokes the Pleasant memory endured Of yester Pierces the heart Left! .Only to embrace tatty Retention, so absurd. How Beauteous when love turns Hatred in a flash so vicious

Blessed be he whom hast borne In sorrow, Not known margins Betwixt love and hate. Mongers Bred whom known not grieving Even time to vote her Serpents If not an Orang-utans **beasts That devoid affectionate caress And inflicts at pleasure...

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Wilson Tinotenda Waison Popularity

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