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Let Him Go

Let him go- it was not ever you and him
To tide, only was a jaunt in a compromise
Duped my dear, and let along to the
Matrimonies of true minds, glow like sunrise


I wish I could love again, just a wonder
After all, I was in pursuit of a slut
Good pretenders, embraced me and lured,
How I ponder to right my insult.

Ghetto Diaries

On the stoop of the bluff
I howl deviations
In a muffled loud voice
To reminisce,


The dusk came
With its reddish ray
To fulfill its prophecy

To Embrace Death

The deeds hast cast up dust
Upon these heads, and must
Mine eyes to fail with tears
Dancing in the storm's tease.

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28 September 2017

Petty thief Pretty theft A dollar bill Ceased.

28 November 2017

There is nothing so dearer than a death bed Even the French man crafted the Guillotine All I percive now are heads from the basket Mine yet to drop in the pool, blood stained.

16 December 2017

If ever be it politics, I dare utmost to rig Or to pleadge a manifesto so complex To vote my fantasy as it was in dreams

16 December 2017

Love and compassion turns a necessity. Though tis an untamed force. When I try to controĺ it, it destroys me. When I try to imprison it, it enslaves me. When I try to understand it, it leaves me feeling lost and confused. Unlike a dog, I bite those I love yet the great the love the greater the tragedy too.

13 January 2018

Is it not love that hurts yet Still the amour evokes the Pleasant memory endured Of yester Pierces the heart Left! .Only to embrace tatty Retention, so absurd. How Beauteous when love turns Hatred in a flash so vicious

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A son of an electronic engineer and a manicurist, The first in a family of two, little sister Annah. Attended to Zengeza high school studying humanities and major literature in linguistic Advanced level certificate. The founder of Deem.lit.org and also a member of Ghetto Diarries.

Currently a student at Open Learning Centre studying ACCA

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