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Let him go- it was not ever you and him
To tide, only was a jaunt in a compromise
Duped my dear, and let along to the
Matrimonies of true minds, glow like sunrise

On the stoop of the bluff
I howl deviations
In a muffled loud voice
To reminisce,

The dusk came
With its reddish ray
To fulfill its prophecy

The deeds hast cast up dust
Upon these heads, and must
Mine eyes to fail with tears
Dancing in the storm's tease.

The pain felt never be known
Emotions so irksome to have
Poised me between these crown
Never to shout, only the nerve

Lamentations to you young brother
For you elected death as escapism
And left us in anguish, anxious
To have your soul amidst our own

Never was I too scared, my thoughts to braille
And embroidered that feeling in disgust as it
Bored me shame to the tribunal, disgraced were
My intimates as I wandered miles away from

Impetuous is my poetry to reveal that Fig
The Fig that causes havoc and to have
Caused a reign of terror in the hamlet
That Fig to have strained my zealous

No wonder why you are barren
With you the trees to shade off
Even your night so cold like Karen
Devoided of affections, Her bluff.

The gaze behind her was sultry,
Her waist rambling, it instigated
This fantasy, longed for adultery
As all I could perceive was lated,

Disgraceful was that speech of immunity
To be vowed, a loud sounding nothing,
Just alike an empty vessel, Which whistle
To the blowing breeze, Dance to the storm

To have drank from the Savage breasts.
It distended then placid as I sapped lively
Leaking alike an infant Bitter was the taste
I ceased… Though lame was the motive


The trait of being unduly vain and conceited
Hast took odds in the domains, Vanities, vanity
Mirrors to reframe my posture, a man behind
Veild decency in defence of his faults, faulty

I wonder, why my fate be a toil, a distress
Brought either by circumstances in prevalence
Or merely that muddling affairs, not to impress
Ever once, yet daily brother pledge his condolence.

She was a lucrative paste I dared utmost
To spread patiently, enriching my heart
And her gaze did brought, elusive post,
Panoramic portal of misconceptional art.

Her elongated face swiftly turned
My side to gaze, her maze afflicted
Oh! I felt the blood rush bursting
My pulse, the passion so piercing

What shalt you become of after adolescence
When time hast cringed past, days hast pass
Oh! , will it be that sentimental righteousness
To claim immunity as most does in wiles and

Ever not to spit a word or seem to care
My wrath hast flared at once, You lost
All that blazing trust I had induced, Rare
Be thine affectionate passions to trust.

Childhood, dad left when I was conceived
His gene did mold beauty, the beast now
Struggling for survival in the hamlet awry
Gumbling, hustling conjugal visits for not


Let not this verse to brag about you
A sudden demise, You to have come in
A surprise without sparing us moments,
To ponder on, even to cheris nor ever

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A son of an electronic engineer and a manicurist, The first in a family of two, little sister Annah. Attended to Zengeza high school studying humanities and major literature in linguistic Advanced level certificate. The founder of Deem.lit.org and also a member of Ghetto Diarries. Currently a student at Open Learning Centre studying ACCA)

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Let Him Go

Let him go- it was not ever you and him
To tide, only was a jaunt in a compromise
Duped my dear, and let along to the
Matrimonies of true minds, glow like sunrise

Never to think he upkeeps, it was for once
None less or more of the allegations,
For the quarrel outbreak was like a pounce
To the imaginary hearts-disheartened by assertions

Let him go- for his side of the story is so blare
You won't understand and let it be better or worse
That you impede the bond-don't act like your care,
For your retort stood the last thrill of a dying horse

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Petty thief Pretty theft A dollar bill Ceased.

There is nothing so dearer than a death bed Even the French man crafted the Guillotine All I percive now are heads from the basket Mine yet to drop in the pool, blood stained.

If ever be it politics, I dare utmost to rig Or to pleadge a manifesto so complex To vote my fantasy as it was in dreams

Love and compassion turns a necessity. Though tis an untamed force. When I try to controĺ it, it destroys me. When I try to imprison it, it enslaves me. When I try to understand it, it leaves me feeling lost and confused. Unlike a dog, I bite those I love yet the great the love the greater the tragedy too.

Is it not love that hurts yet Still the amour evokes the Pleasant memory endured Of yester Pierces the heart Left! .Only to embrace tatty Retention, so absurd. How Beauteous when love turns Hatred in a flash so vicious

Blessed be he whom hast borne In sorrow, Not known margins Betwixt love and hate. Mongers Bred whom known not grieving Even time to vote her Serpents If not an Orang-utans **beasts That devoid affectionate caress And inflicts at pleasure...

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Wilson Tinotenda Waison Popularity

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