Thomas Augustine Daly

(28 May 1871 - 4 October 1948 / Philadelphia)

Da Comica Man - Poem by Thomas Augustine Daly

Giacobbe Finelli so funny, O! My!
By tweestin’ hees face an’ by weenkin’ hees eye
He maka you laugh teell you theenk you weell die.
He don’t gotta say som’theeng; all he ees do
Ees maka da face an’, how moocha you try,
You no can help laugh w'en he lookin' at you—
Giacobbe Finelli so funny, O! My!

I deeg een da tranch weeth Giacobbe wan day;
Giacobbe ees toss up da spadefulla clay,
An’ beeg Irish boss he ees gat een da way!
Da boss he ees look at Giacobbe an' swear
So bad as he can, but Giacobbe, so sly,
He maka pretand he no see he was dere—
Giacabbe Finelli so funny, O! My!

But w’en da boss turn an’ ees starta for go,
Giacobbe look up an’ he mak' da face—So!
I laugh an’ I laugh lika deesa—Ho! ho!
Da boss he com’ back an’ he poncha my head,
He smasha my nose an’ he blacka my eye—
I no can help laugh eef I gona be dead.
Giacobbe Finelli so funny, O! My!

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