Evan Skora

Dadde Says - Poem by Evan Skora

Dadde says I need to grow up,
Dadde says I need to be tuffer.

Momme says dadde is rong,
Momme says I shuld take my own pase.

Dadde says it is a meen wurld,
Dadde says beeng touff will help.

Momme says I am purfect the way I am,
Momme says that grooing is diffrent for evryone.

Daddy says that fiting will make you toughr,
Daddy says that educashun will not help.

Mommy says that educashun will help,
Mommy says that fiting will not make you anytheng.

Daddy says that its time I get in a fight.

Mommy says I should get smarter not tougher.

Dad says I should I should be normal,
Dad says I should watch t.v. all day.

Mom says I should play outside,
Mom says I should be whatever I want.

Dad says I should have fought harder.

Mom said nothing.

Dad says that I am stupid,
Dad says I should have paid attention in class.

Mom says I am not stupid,
Mom says I should try harder.

Mom says I am smart,
Mom says I am growing well.

Dad says I am growing weak,
Dad still says I am stupid.

Mom says, though I am leaving, I can always come back.

Dad said nothing.

Mommy said goodbye...

Daddy was never there to say hello...

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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