Daddy Poem by alice spakrs


Daddy, do you hear my cry's?
Do you hear me say your name at night?
Daddy, where did you go to?
Why did you leave me alone in the blue?
Daddy, do you even care?
Am I just something your forced to bear?

Daddy, where did you go?
Can't you see how I miss you so?
Daddy, do you even wonder how I am?
Why can't you heat my guns go bam?
Daddy, why do you leave me alone in the darkness?
How could you be so heartless?

Can't you see haw badly you hurt my mother?
Can't you see what you did to my brothers?
They forgot what it was like to have a dad around,
to keep the house held down!
Can't you see what you're doing to your baby girls?
I thought we were you worlds..

Can't you see what your doing?
Can't you hear the sound of your own children's booing?
Why do you have to be so heartless?
Why did you turn out the lights and leave us in the darkness?

Why do you let ma mma cry?
Why do you think I want to die?
You left us all alone!
We didn't have a place to call our own!

You made mamma and I cry night after night!
I can't even see the light!
Did you even love us enough to say it aloud?
Don't we make you proud?

Sandy Player 11 January 2013

Reminds me of a Sylvia Plath poem by the same name. Very original in it's design this poem. A parents child, child asking questions, albeit tragic demands, and in this the parent, the male, doesn't give any answer, just keeps going on away. It has a sonorous tone.

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