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Daddy, Daddy, Dady - Poem by sarah tantray

Can you hear me?
I have a heartache,
Is it due to heartbreak?

Yes I can hear you,
But I am not around.
Did he ever tell you,
That he loved you?

Daddy, daddy, dady,
Should I shout?
No, he never told me,
He just said he liked me.

Yes I can hear you,
You don't need to shout.
I have been away for you,
But always watching you.

Daddy, daddy, dady,
Its too scary,
Please help me out,
I can't breathe,
The air is choking me.

You are always on my mind,
Even thou you don't see me,
My days are spent in prayers,
For you and our family.

Daddy, daddy, dady,
I want to come to you,
Leave this world,
And join you.

No my Child,
I raised you with so much love,
So, that you could share it somehow,
Everyday millions are born,
But very few live to love,
I want you to breathe,
So I can be at ease.
Daddy, daddy, dady,
I don't understand?
What are you saying?
These words are beyond,
And I just want to come next to you.
Nobody, can love the way you did,
You were beyond my understanding,

And I still keep wondering,
What am I here for?
There are endless struggles,
I keep tilling in the sun
And trust me its no fun.

Sarah, sarah, sara,
I can only imagine!
How its down there,
For I, spent 49 years,
Doing the same.
Came from a village,
Started with nothing,
Took care of my siblings,
And later just kept adding,
To my whole new family,
Took up a job,
Never stopped working.

Daddy, Daddy, Dady,
I am not like you,
I am just a girl,
Who can be taken for a ride.
Everywhere I go, they stare at me,
Giving me looks,
That could kill me.
They ask me questions?
Expect me to hide.

You my Daughter!
Are stronger then u can imagine,
You alone have the power,
To create and destroy.
When you were born,
I was the happiest,
Cause I knew someday,
You would rise,
And push yourself to go beyond,
Fight for right,
And make it bright.

Daddy, daddy, dady,
I am here only for a while,
What can I possibly do,
To make you proud?

I am a Father my Child,
Don't expect you to make millions,
Or touch the sky,
I want you to be happy,
Like you were when,
You would see me.
I want the man of your life,
To be kind, compassionate,
Loving and forgiving.
These little virtues,
Will help you life long,
To strive and thrive.

Daddy, daddy, dady,
I don't know,
If I will ever find that man,
But I had you,
And now I have my brothers,
Who follow on to your footsteps.
I am lucky I still have my family,
Even thou others see no hope,
People say there's no room for love,
But I still won't give up.
I will still believe in everything,
You taught Us

Topic(s) of this poem: love hurts

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