timothy young

Dads Cherry Tree - Poem by timothy young

There was a large cherry tree in my yard
This tree t’was my dad ‘s favorite
And as the cherry tree grew up to thy sky
He did have a decision

whether or not to chop the tree down
Or risk it falling and killing him
For you see this old cherry tree did
Stand right over his bed

So if the wind kick up or lightning did strike
Would be his end for
The tree would fall and he would go
So unfortunately with the tree

So he would make great decision
And hopefully make it right
It took him many years and many a time
He thought’s the did spite

Him for the year’s went by and the cherry tree
Got more demised, nearer to the bed
As he would lay and begin to wonder
Will this take off my head

So as the year the did expire
Then He finally said
I will take the old tree down
Above my own bed

And the so alas the cherry fell
The tree would breathe its last
And be cut down to stump and be
Safe for dad once again

The tree was made low and the branches did go
Right into the meat smoker
But out of the ash cloud grew another
through the thorns and choker

the tree did live on in another a tree that grew
and so the tree was reborn
from a cherry, the trees great fruit
and so this little sapling grew and it grew

and it grew 1,2,3 foot by the crowing of the year
and so it grew and it got taller
as a little sapling then might or would do
and the tree got no smaller

as it grew to be as tall as dad and it was
staring him in the eye
he said we got to dig this up
look at the size

for you see the little sapling was right in my garden
and blocking the sunshine
so we dug and dug and dug
it took a lot of time

but finally we got up pulled it out of the ground
and moved to better spot
were it would live in peace and harmony
the place we set was not to hot

But it was not to cold either, it was
It was a nice spot with all
of the tree for the young cherry’s company
the tree grew very tall

And with it happy position that there was
it was a great sight
To see this cherry tree again live
And never have to fight

Now when my dad he did see this
he was so overjoyed
He had his cherry tree’s son and offspring
And never again did he toy

With planting or cutting down old cherry trees
He loved his tree so dear
That he would be indeed collecting all the cherries
And never wrong was he steered

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 22, 2010

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