Dads' Sestina Poem by Aaron S Holt Holt

Dads' Sestina

Dad had a penchant for hot cars, Harleys,
and women,
but he never found one that he liked enough
to keep.
Wrecking, riding, or fucking them
till the day that his welcome wore
Good luck hated him most of the
because he always managed to turn good luck
to misfortune.
But what is an optimist without grave
A man can't be a great lover without great
if you can find one quick enough ‘fore you
run outta time.
The way he liked'em they'd have to be
"quick" to keep.
They were always bimbos that meth had
made thin.
Despite all that though I don't hate him
at all.
If he had a drug of choice, it'd have been
them all.
With those kinds of choices, you have to expect
You can't expect to live like that till your hair
grows thin.
It'd be tiresome trying to turn good whores to
great women.
He always tried his hardest to earn
his keep,
but men who gambled like him are enemies
of time.
When you live like he did you lose track
of time,
and on the occasion that he did work he
gave it his all.
He didn't make much but always had 30 bucks
he'd keep,
for the bar, which may explain the
He was worse with money than he was at
choosing women,
but the ones that he chose I'm glad their
patience wore thin.
In spite of the fact that his wallet was
and in light of the fact that he ran out
of time,
the coroner was surprised he didn't
die due to women.
He partied with, fucked, and loved
them all.
Maybe that's why he didn't think too long
on the misfortune.
Its also why he got an urn where his
ashes we keep.
These kinds of memories are not good things
to keep.
Of course, times were hard, Dad rarely worked,
money was thin.
All the good things in life fade when
you dwell on misfortune.
You get anxiety, depression, and lose hours
of time.
You think bad things and question whether he loved you
at all.
Or whether he loved you more or the women.

His love of women led to misfortune.
He couldn't seem to keep money or time.
I'll love him till my hair is thin but rarely miss him at all.

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