Adeosun Olamide

Dairy Of The Hills - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

When light sprout in overgrown darkness
Where fate was preset ‘pon palms line
Journeys one in dying phase of old day
Towards seers to unwrap imminent' morrow

Behind light curtains, enduring darkness
Lain men sullied breeds sad out of measures
Of mane hair, rag robes and cowries shell
Here watched stars and murmured with breeze

Veiled beneath gaze heaven, arrives he (one)
In cloak concealment from known faces
That sustains honor his of stated beliefs
For with peers, called seekers seers idle beings

One burden him gaze as stench suffered breathe his
Upon frail hands, shackles gazer named bangles
Which held heart valued possessions;
As nodding heads summons his company

He Whispers'
'Tender first food, o seeker of morrow
Tender then palms, wherein morrow lies

Oh fiery, oh fire, burn through this palm
Attend his doom, his lot, his fate
And in my mind down run' through its ruins
The flames which lays, lace this path

A traveler behold comes forth unto thy roof
A traveler ye must reject
I glimpse still water that descends agony
Yet masked in joy this still water
That floods smile yours away and leaves woe in shades
In tranquillest veil, stirs tempest and brings its vessel to shatter

On that palm visions brought to plain meanings
Tender coin so may give counsel

So may tell thee- the water that comes forth is your blood
Vessel which forth is wife yours
She brings forth doom ‘pon home yours truly
Through child in womb
And leaves man' the sufferer
Hear! Here your doom
Drop! Drop here my gain'

But in denial counsels' saunters home crossly
Yet swift thoughts run mind thorough through
That that which joy gave, hope' came now fear, sorrows
To ease' hung up on ashes of seers counsel

Proclaimed him cease affection, decease attention
For come unto thought, that if child perish,
He yet may perish doom hanging ov'r him
Thus immersed in darkness, as sunk in words foretold heard

Came him sorcery as sought witches counsel
Making potions of kinds to gulp wife throat
This' to put doom, child away and make vessel safe his sought
Yet merely set stage for dooms foretold

Of frogs potions, of lizards eggs, of snake venom makes potion
So goes' as weakened and injured wife organs in course
Yet worried only embers counsel that strives still
Till delivery reached' fashion manner to uproot child

But futile his course as weakened woman in labour soon
Here through strange nature birth creature of human distinct
Whose cry be of mating call of frog, and fingers of lizard type
Yet unattended by mothers warmth, for cold deliverer body lay (Dead)

Expectant of disaster, takes child ‘pon hills to death
There abandoned in harshest of wood for cruelest devourer
And return to put beloved wife his to earth
Here mourn night, days as memories, regret greet him

In deep alley of hills where owls served day
Nearer heaven ‘bove far from hell beneath
Lain deserted child in warmth of shielding trees
Beneath him earth array of withered leaves
And ‘bove warmth which striving sun gave
As pierce curtains armored branches atop
Still buzzing bees, birds, babbling streams in melody hummed
Along path, strange yet beautiful cry of little Dam

Up hills grew Dam (damned) for this father called him
For cursed to evil little Dam was

Far from sorrows earth and its villains
Of foes light and darkness
From cries and evil trembling of laughers
From earth stench and flames ascending heaven
Dim little Dam, herein of solemn dwell and love pure
On field blooming floret that unequaled fragrance gave
So little dam forth here, unschooled man ways

Along thorough fairness, goodness made' wonder Dam grew path
His skin radiant hides' tuning color of ‘round as though anole
His mouth of long tongue' that uttered languages strange
Of sweet tone chatters breeze, stream, trees and birds
His hands of mastery clasp, as through woods, swung forth and on
Nor his hair untouched of strangeness as locks were of gold
Atop hills little Dam grew fearless yet with heart softest
Calming, pacifying ire and bequeathing delight on all in path his

Slowly, as gentle breeze sweeps in darkness
Gentle Dam would stroke which urine gave
For pleasure unrivaled derived Gentle Dam when this do

But deep in heart seas, journeys Mable as inscribed ‘pon
A ship of Negroes mares' a ship of ghost, slaves, corpse
Mable for foul known that its sojourn feared many shores
Night of wind awakened, slaying swinging lamps
Of Darkness wounded by thunder light, silence raped of commotion
Journeys Mable' now storm captained' who to ruin sails ship

From hills, sleeping Dam scream of travelers heard, woke
As journey into tempest, to salvage sufferers of ghosts' revolt
Of pureness heart, enduring storm abide to
Through ship give unto hills Dam bid

Here men vileness descend to upset hills peace
Unsatisfied with moon warmth, that fire still drew as butcher trees
Yet few, many hands chained, legs bounds, eyes blinded and mouth sealed
On many bare back whips' as credit slaves bringer misfortune

Behind' Dam sadly witness slavers give death to chained
Though Dam unknown to evil soon ways man fathom that
Of devious creature be he, thieving hills of sweetness
Of molest offer same, and how devious be he
Yet of few, different seen, contrary in manners many
Who for twice, screamed at slavers and mend slaves'
For this be she, female yet strange to Dam

In slumbers day, when nights fallen
Sleeps breezed ‘pon all' came Dam
Slowly to observe this she, who distance seemed strange
But nearness gave new, for in dreams seen a she

Here as perceive, serpent close came, of requite intent
One whom tree' slavers wrecked making homeless
Known to Dam, serpent who warmth gave Dam, and coiled his necks
One Dam saved times hundred

As venom drew with instinct to sting her' Dam love
Came him old friend (Dam) with rebuke kick
And soon quickly faded into darkness injured, in disbelief
Here Dam be, detached from hills, to this she just seen
Watching, sneaking when bath had, contesting appeal be seen
Before long, in mirror found reflects Dam
Frightened, screamed her of devils dwell in hills to slavers
Sneaking and of veins to devour her, said she in tears
Prithee slavers to seek path home as hill named hell
But slavers of evil obsessed, in her fear' find she arousing
And soon pulled might to burgle lips between thighs
Here, screamed that hills awoke'
And on Dam quickly her tent, with purpose heroic
Yet prefers she' evils raping slavers to strange Dam
Dam, of evil abhors in shy' away' ran when loved rebuke gave
But yet obsessed slavers, to burgle thigh lips evoke as Dam vanished
Here ran she hills through seeking death, which at edge hills found
As prefer death to slavers defilement and Dams touch
Jumped to death clutch, but death slept here
As fell in warm hands of Dam
Whose magic eyes saw before dim her sight be
Carried quickly through woods, of leaves conjure
As crave to restore balance to ailing she
Through night awake, pressing water in head hers gently
Fetching woods to fuel fire as hope it resists death
As do, came slavers with webs, capturing Dam
For attend she focus his' to revive her
Ignoring warnings earth gave as slavers forth came
Thought she dead' slavers abandoned her
Here fought thorough, regaining life
But Dam, beaten and stripped of his golden locks(Hair)
Fought through, escaping the tortures bestowed

Down tree that abodes wearied' hung Dam
The breeze tossing his feet of aged gait
Dam' a man of the hills known to love
Soon lived quite in grave eased brunt memories

Here be, diary of hill
Marched pon' vile men
From volcano I arise
And into it, daily of hills event
Behind Dams page seers' prophecy
Here' child' a seed that shall sprout not'
Here' child' a star dullest seen'
Here' child' of hell castoff'
For truly no man except Dam was a star
For truly his pureness shall infect hell of light reflects
For truly a seed that need not sprout Dam was.

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